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Quote: David News Review

"" As I wrote earlier, most of the plans are not for the majority. The minimum investments are high and with long investment terms. Therefore, I will pay attention to the plan with a lower interest rate which usually has a larger potential. An investment calculator is available on the website if you want to make your own calculations. However, just to make it easier to understand what’s what here a quick calculation. An investment of $200 in Luxearn Proprietary LTD (investment plan ordinary 0.5% for 356 days) would generate a daily return of $1. With a 0.5% interest rate, it takes 200 business days (280 days with weekends) to reach the break-even point and 365 business days (511 days with weekends) to reach the end of it when $200 investment would have made a net profit of $356. When making a deposit pay attention to Gain profit section. As it is compounding, you have to choose to gain profit 0 to be able to withdrawal earnings every day!

Today we are looking at another cryptocurrency inspired HYIP. The admins claim that it has been for 1054 days in total.  But does it even matter? The program itself looks fine now. Especially for those who prefer long-term investments. I mean, it’s much easier to pay 0,5% daily to investors. However, there are also plans with much higher rates and shorter investment terms. Indeed, 0.5% is the realistic rate, but even break-even point takes almost a year for a plan with 0.5%. Today it looks fine but again it’s impossible to predict the potential lifetime of this program. Therefore, if you ever decide to make any investments, don’t invest more than you can afford to lose! ""