Full Version: Why you need a 中国VPN in Taiwan.
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Why you need a VPN in Taiwan.
The most important function is user anonymity. When you visit websites or use Web services, almost everyone knows the full information about you: IP address, country address, provider name, and some browsers may pull out full information about your device. When using a VPN connection-in many cases, this becomes impossible.

The second reason is the protection of information. As you already know, a VPN opens an encrypted channel through which you can safely send data. There is a chance of losing this information in the public network. For example, if you connect to Wi-Fi in a cafe or restaurant, a hacker can theoretically start intercepting your traffic and using your cookies in order to have access to social networks, a Bank account, email, etc.

When using a VPN, it may be able to intercept data, but it will all be encrypted and cannot be used. But most often, VPN is used to get to blocked sites. The user connects to a VPN server that is located, for example, in Australia and uses it to access a blocked site.
Those who travel frequently and rely heavily on public Wi-Fi networks need a VPN service that guarantees the highest level of protection with servers around the world. Once you determine why you basically need a VPN service, make a list of features that are important to you and features that you can refuse. After that, it will be much easier for you to choose the right VPN service.
Most VPN services support all major Windows Mac platforms Android Linux and iOS, but some of them are available only for some of the platforms. If your computer runs on Windows but you also use an iPhone, you should make sure that the selected VPN service has applications for both platforms.
Chinese authorities have ordered local telecommunications companies to block individuals from accessing services that offer virtual private network (VPN) connectivity as part of a strategy to ensure "cyber-confidence".
A 中国VPN connection is often used by fans of anonymous Internet surfing or torrent trackers, as well as those who want to bypass the block if the site is banned by censorship. A secure channel is often used by large enterprises, so that their employees can remotely connect to a private network. Residents of China, where Facebook, YouTube and Twitter have long been banned, often use VPN networks to bypass blockages, "pretending" that they are accessing the Network of another state.
Those who are used to using adequate high-speed Internet often establish a VPN for this purpose, even in Hong Kong and Macau where there is no “Shield”. There is Internet in China, but it is categorically not suitable for most tourists. Even if you need very little to use Google, it’s very difficult to buy a ticket and book a hotel; to answer a message on a social network will be very difficult.
In some regions of China, 3G can work faster and more stable than 4G, so if there is a possibility for some devices, you can buy a local 3G card and for others 4G to be able to access the network wherever you are.