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  Australia Reaffirms Pledge to Fix Bitcoin Tax Issue
Posted by: admin - 05-06-2017, 07:41 AM - Forum: News From Cryptocurrency Market - No Replies

[Image: Australia-map-300x185.jpg]
Australia’s government is pushing ahead with plans to solve the "double taxation" problem of digital currencies in the country.

The government pledged more than a year ago to solve the policy dilemma, wherein Australian businesses are liable for goods-and-services (GST) taxes on any bitcoin sold – as well as taxes should they take them as payment. It's a point of criticism expressed for years by the country's bitcoin community, culminating with last year's commitment.
According to statements published today, the government is consulting with its fintech advisory group on the matter – though it cautioned that any material changes would depend on action on the provincial level.
The policy document, released by Minister for Small Business Michael McCormack, explained:

Quote:"Any change to the GST treatment of digital currencies is subject to formal state and territory agreement."
As for when those changes might be in place, the government didn't offer a firm deadline.
In the document, the government also reiterated its support for Australia's digital currency space, declaring that its plans to regulate exchanges under existing AML/KYC statues would help foster development in the sector.
"The Government is committed to facilitating innovation and growth in the digital currency sector and considers that appropriate anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing (AML/CTF) regulation will aid that development," it said.
It's the latest sign that Australia's government wants to create an accommodative environment for both bitcoin and blockchain activities.
Indeed, the country has seen a number of key blockchain developments in the past year, including a bid by the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) to explore the tech (in partnership with blockchain startup Digital Asset Holdings) for use as a possible replacement to its existing settlement systems.
ASX told investors this week that the project is "on track", and it intends to make a decision on whether to adopt it for full-scale use later this year.

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Posted by: admin - 05-04-2017, 09:51 PM - Forum: News From Cryptocurrency Market - No Replies

A Missouri entrepreneur faces up to five years in jail for unlicensed Bitcoin sales to undercover FBI agents.

Jason R. Klein, founder of technology businesses Logic Forte and Datality Networks, pleaded guilty to representing himself as a Bitcoin exchange without the appropriate state or federal licenses.
According to a release Tuesday, Klein met with undercover officers five times between February 2015 and July 2016, each time exchanging USD for bitcoins worth “between $1000 and $15000” per transaction.
Klein also levied exchange fees, which amounted to over $2000 over the course of the relationship.
“An undercover federal agent responded to an online advertisement posted by Klein. Klein told the undercover agent that his rate included a 10 percent commission “for an in-person $1,000 cash exchange,” the release states.
[Image: jason-klein.jpg]
The charges represent another high-profile incident of US authorities cracking down on unsanctioned trading. Last year in Florida, a man was arrested for selling $1500 worth of bitcoin to an undercover agent, despite the buyer telling him he planned to use the funds for illicit purposes.
Due to the nature of cryptocurrency under Florida law, however, a judge ultimately threw out the charges.
“By pleading guilty today, Klein admitted that he represented himself on the Internet to be a bitcoin exchanger,” the release confirms. “However, Klein was not a licensed money transmitter with the state of Missouri or with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, as required by federal and state law.”
[Image: Judge-hammer-300x225.jpg]
Somewhat ironically, Klein is also the president of the Association of Information Technology Professionals in southwest Missouri. The organization exists to educate professionals on technology best practices and has around 230 members, making it the largest regional faction in the US.
The specific sentence will only be known once police investigations have concluded.
While Missouri has rarely made the news in cryptocurrency circles, the state is famous for being the jurisdiction to shut down embattled mining operator Butterfly Labs in 2014.
In 2016, the company settled a multimillion dollar legal case for just $15,000, due in part to the limited financial resources of alleged owner Sonny Vleisides.

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  Police Are Holding OneCoin Promoters in Custody in India
Posted by: admin - 05-03-2017, 10:37 PM - Forum: News From Cryptocurrency Market - No Replies

[Image: shutterstock_302649953-300x185.jpg]
Indian police are continuing their efforts to recoup funds from promoters of OneCoin, a digital currency investment scheme widely believed to be fraudulent.

Local reports indicate that investigators in Mumbai continue holding more than 18 individuals in custody for further questioning after they were arrested last week by undercover officers.
OneCoin is a purported digital currency sold through investment packages that are often pitched as sure-fire ways of making lots of money. Long accused of being a pyramid scheme, those solicited are often encouraged to purchase large packages of "tokens" (which can then be redeemed for OneCoins) and find other buyers to increase the size of their network.
The scheme has caught the attention of law enforcement and regulatory officials in a number of countries, including India. Speaking to The Hindu, a police official said that a new investigative team had been established to focus specifically on complaints tied to OneCoin.
"We need police custody for investigating the case and to get all details of the scam. We have got custody of the accused till May 3," the official said.
That Indian police are shifting resources and seeking additional information from those held indicates that officials in that country are continuing to step up their fight against OneCoin. Recent reports show that other countries, including most notably Germany, are taking aim against the scheme in other ways as well.
As reported last week by CoinDesk, BaFin, Germany’s top finance regulator, issued cease-and-desist letters to major elements of OneCoin’s global operations, effectively ordering it to stop operating in the country.
Reports from last month also indicate that Kazakhstan’s government has also taken steps, ordering a OneCoin advocate under house arrest pending further investigation, according to a report from regional news service Tengri News.

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  Indian Bitcoin Exchange Bank Account Unblocked, KYC Now Obligatory
Posted by: admin - 05-02-2017, 10:32 PM - Forum: News From Cryptocurrency Market - No Replies

[Image: 725_Ly9jb2ludGVsZWdyYXBoLmNvbS9zdG9yYWdl...5qcGc=.jpg]
Police have unfrozen a bank account of Indian Bitcoin exchange Zebpay as part of their ongoing fraud investigation.

Quote:After criminals stole funds worth around $1 mln from the domestic bank- Bank of Maharashtra last week, it was found that some had made their way to Zebpay for trading into Bitcoin.

Together with two other bank accounts, police subsequently froze one linked to Zebpay.
As CEO Sandeep Goenka confirmed the account was again operational, Zebpay appears to have stepped up security, announcing all transactions would now require “compulsory” know-your-customer (KYC) formalities.
This “includes sending/receiving Bitcoins, airtime recharge or buying vouchers,” the exchange said on Twitter.
View image on Twitter
[Image: C-aaP6mXYAAoxP2.jpg:small]


[Image: BPKdc7Ob_normal.png]zebpay @zebpay
7th May onwards, KYC is compulsory for all transactions on Zebpay including sending/receiving bitcoins, airtime recharge or buying vouchers
11:30 AM - 27 Apr 2017



  • [url=https://twitter.com/intent/like?tweet_id=857542380160995329] 33 likes

The original hack of BoM was possible due to a bug in its Unified Payments Infrastructure application, sources reported last week.
Zebpay, in fact, had minimal exposure to the problems thanks to its already strict KYC compliance.
“Users can only do transactions on Zebpay after submitting KYC documents. All purchase and sale happen (sic) strictly via bank accounts only and no cash,” a lawyer representing the exchange said quoted by Pune Mirror.

Quote:“Hence, all transactions are recorded and easily identifiable. All these users were easily identified and we are helping the local agency to recover the funds.”

Nonetheless, the theft is merely the latest in a series of criminal occurrences involving Bitcoin which have made India’s national press.
Zebpay itself felt compelled to produce a statement in March defending Bitcoin’s legality in the country following comments from a government minister appearing to state the contrary.

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  German Regulators Order OneCoin to 'Dismantle Trading System'
Posted by: admin - 05-01-2017, 10:22 PM - Forum: News From Cryptocurrency Market - No Replies

[Image: Germany-300x185.jpg]
Germany is stepping up its ongoing crackdown on OneCoin, a digital currency investment scheme widely believed to be fraudulent.

The German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) has issued new cease-and-desist orders to two holding companies connected to OneCoin – Onecoin Ltd, Dubai and OneLife Network Ltd – ordering them to "dismantle their internet based 'OneCoins' trading system" and to "end all sales promotion activities" in Germany effective immediately.
OneCoin is an investment scheme centered around a purported digital currency, for which packages of "tokens" are sold that can later be exchanged. The operation has long been accused of operating a pyramid scheme, as participants are encouraged by advocates to find other buyers.
Notably, the regulator suggested that OneCoin promoters in Germany hadn't sought permission prior to conducting their activities, a determination that BaFin said spurred the latest cease-and-desist notices.
BaFin said it had issued a cease-and-desist notice to a third entity connected to OneCoin, One Network Services, for supporting the unauthorized sale of OneCoin in Germany.
The move indicates that Germany is accelerating its efforts to keep OneCoin out of the country. It comes just over a week after BaFin moved to halt the operations of a OneCoin-tied payment processor in Germany, freezing €29m in connected bank accounts.
But Germany isn’t the only country to crack down on OneCoin. Reports surfaced this week that authorities in India had arrested at least 18 individuals connected to the scheme.
A number of central banks have also issued warnings, including Thailand's, according to reports.

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  Carbon7 - Carbon7.biz, Multiple Plans -- PM,Payeer,BTC,BankWire
Posted by: admin - 05-01-2017, 06:51 AM - Forum: Proofs of payment - Replies (32)

I'm not admin !!!

[Image: 468.gif]


Investment Plans: 7% daily for 30 Calendar, 110% after 7 Days 

Min Spend $20

Referral Commission Two Levels: 7% - 10% on the first level - 2% the 2nd Level

Withdrawal Type Manual (7% withdrawal fee)

Custom Script 

Carbon7 is an innovative and practical "digital funds" platform online, which welcomes all members worldwide. We act solely as a facilitator between you (our members)
and the Enterprise (our investment). This lucrative opportunity to earn money online was born in respond to ever-increasing global demand for carbon based products.
Our key objective is to constantly increase the mutual return on investment through Carbon7 platform. To achieve that goal, we're prepared to deliver you an extremely
high returns of  7% daily and 110% weekly for buying digital funds in our platform via the eWallets we accept, and per the terms presented in our  Investment Plans.
Opening Account with us is completely free and fully confidential, with our strict security protocols to validate transactions authenticity & safeguard sensitive info.
The Enterprise focus mainly on Carbon  Reselling & Logistics, like reselling of coal and carbon-fiber reinforced plastics to high demand areas that lack in supply,
with over a thousand M/tons per month (and increasing), this provides a slow but substantial profits for our "short term" needs. The mid-term focus is on  Mediating
coal between strategic places (mostly China & Russia). In the long term the Enterprise spe******t team are continuously  Researching for investment in Stocks (IPOs)
and start-ups (with patents-pending) based on defense applications, plain crafts, car assembly & other big industries future needs that shows potential for mega profits.

Plans Details:


7% DAILY RETURN FOR 30 DAYS: This plan was designed to return a steady daily interest of exactly  7% on principal (deposit), and last 30 calendar days. Interest will be auto credited into your account balance every business day (Monday to Friday) until your principal has expired after 30 calendar days. Upon expiry the interest would stop being credited unless you invest further.

Example: If you'd start with $10,000 deposit, you'll be credited $700 interest every  24 hours (on business days) for 30 calendar days. After 14 business days you'll pass break even point with over 100% back and upon expiry your balance will amount to a total of ~ $15,400. You can withdraw from balance or re-invest (Compound) at anytime to increase your average monthly profit.

CR7 Plan (Default) Plan Name:
7% Daily for 30 calendar Days Plan Term:
Mon to Fri, Principal Expired Plan Conditions:
~154% Gross Return (54% Net) Total Monthly Profits:
Up to 7 Active Slots Compound (Re-invest):
$2 - No Limit Min - Max Per Withdrawal:
$20 - $250,000 Min - Max Deposit Per Slot: 


110% AFTER 7 CALENDAR DAYS: This short term plan was created for trial. It will return 10% net profit on your principal (deposit) after 7 calendar days. You will receive exactly 110% return in total (even on non-business days). The plan short lifespan gives less possibility for compounding and lower returns when compared to our longer term monthly ‘C7 Plan’, but it should be preferable for members seeking out a faster break even point of 1 week.

Example: If you'd start with $10,000 deposit in this plan, you'll be credited a total return of $11,000 after exactly 7 calendar days. Your net profit $1,000 and your principal of $10,000 will be automatically added into your account. You can choose to withdraw or re-invest to increase your profits at anytime.

Weekly Plan (Trial) Plan Name:
110% After 7 Days (1 Week) Plan Term:
Principal Expired (Not Returned) Plan Conditions:
~110% Gross Return (10% Net) Total Weekly Profits:
Up to 7 Active Slots Compound (Re-invest):
$2 - No Limit Min - Max Per Withdrawal:
$20 - $10,000 Min - Max Deposit Per Slot:

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  Optionfox - Optionfox.trade
Posted by: admin - 04-30-2017, 08:06 AM - Forum: Proofs of payment - Replies (30)

I'm not admin project.

This program has 2 different service,.... Investment Plan and Auto Trading Binary Option.

Investment, we put our money into their system like other HYIP and get fixed profit.
Auto trading, we put our money into our own broker account, deposit and withdraw from our own broker account, not from their website (they use binary.com as broker).

Invesment Plan

Daily interest: 2% 
Minimum investment: $10 
Investment period: 60 days 
Principal: Included
Total return + Deposit : 120%

Weekly interest: 7.5% 
Minimum investment: $10 
Investment period: 24 weeks 
Principal: Included
Total return + Deposit : 180%

Monthly interest: 30% 
Minimum investment: $10 
Investment period: 7 months 
Principal: Included
Total return + Deposit : 210%

Sign Up Here

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  Nevada Senate Votes to Recognize Blockchain Tax Ban Bill
Posted by: admin - 04-29-2017, 11:00 AM - Forum: News From Cryptocurrency Market - No Replies

Senators in the state of Nevada have fully supported a blockchain bill that would prevent a local government from taxing or imposing restrictions upon the use of a blockchain.
SB 398 was first filed by Ben Kieckhefer on March 20, the bill was introduced to ensure that the State keeps up with the advancements of technology in addition to establishing a legal framework for people utilizing a blockchain and not to do so in a legal gray area.
Over a month since the bill was first introduced, senators in the state of Nevada advanced the bill with full backing with a 21-0 vote.

During the Senate Committee on Judiciary [PDF] last month, Kieckhefer explained to those present that the SB 398 bill was an offshoot of several efforts he had worked on during the 2015-2016 Interim to ensure that Nevada provided a welcoming and inclusive environment for startups.
He said:

Quote:Entrepreneurs have been working on a package of legislation to ensure that, instead of just incentivizing large companies to relocate to the State, we have policies incentivizing them and smaller companies to start and grow here.
According to public records, the bill [PDF] states:
Quote:This bill prohibit[s] a local government from: (1) imposing a tax or fee on the use of a blockchain; (2) requiring a certificate, license or permit to use a blockchain; and (3) imposing any other requirement relating to the use of a blockchain.
The bill will now move to the state’s Assembly for further consideration.
Blockchain Bills
Nevada is not the only state that is pushing the blockchain agenda, which could essentially pave the way for smart contracts too in the state.
Last month, the Senate of the state of Arizona passed a blockchain bill that would give smart contracts and blockchain signatures legal binding status after passing a vote of 28-1.
With more companies experimenting with smart contracts, this is welcome news for many companies and neighboring states following progress, as it means that smart contracts must be upheld and enforced under Arizona law. Such a move could help Nevada as SB 398 progresses and may help the bill being signed into law.
However, while Arizona appears keen to push the blockchain agenda, it doesn’t feel its use can be used for everything. So much so, that earlier this month, the state’s governor signed into law a blockchain bill that would prohibit the blockchain technology from being used to track firearm information.

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  India is Cracking Down on OneCoin
Posted by: admin - 04-28-2017, 12:17 AM - Forum: News From Cryptocurrency Market - No Replies

[Image: shutterstock_284771630-300x185.jpg]
Reports are emerging that authorities in India are undertaking a broad crackdown on OneCoin, a digital currency investment scheme widely believed to be fraudulent.
Outlets such as Times of IndiaThe Hindu and Hindustan Times report that as many as 18 individuals have been arrested in connection with OneCoin events in the country. The arrests took place on Sunday, according to the outlets.

Police are also said to have confiscated funds from bank accounts associated with the individuals – believed to have been collected from would-be investors – totaling more than $2m. An official told The Hindu that authorities believe that additional accounts may exist, but due to the fact that those accounts weren’t explicitly connected to OneCoin companies, tracing them could prove difficult.
According to the reports, the arrests and subsequent account seizures came after Indian police went undercover during a recent OneCoin event. Attendees were allegedly promised big gains – a common refrain among OneCoin supporters – at the end of next year.
The news represents what is perhaps the most significant crackdown on OneCoin – accused of operating a Ponzi scheme under the guise of a digital currency investment program – to date.
Earlier this month, BaFin, Germany’s top finance regulator, shut down a Germany-based payment processor that was collecting payments on behalf of OneCoin. BaFin also seized €29m from accounts tied to the processor.
Central banks in areas believed to have been targeted by OneCoin promoters, such as Nigeria and Uganda, have issued warnings in recent months. Police in the City of London are also investigating the scheme, as previously reported.reported.

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  Cryptocurrency Market Cap > $30 Billion, an All-Time High
Posted by: admin - 04-26-2017, 10:37 PM - Forum: News From Cryptocurrency Market - No Replies

The combined market value of all cryptocurrencies in circulation has pushed beyond the significant milestone of $30 billion for the first time ever, underlining the ever-expanding interest in digital currencies and the blockchain technology.
[Image: Global-Chart-CMC-0425.jpg]
Data from CoinMarketCap reveals bitcoin as the top dog among cryptocurrencies, valued at over $20 billion. Bitcoin prices scaled $1,275 today (a high of $1,280 on the Bitstamp Price Index at press time) as the world’s most prominent cryptocurrency is valued at over two-thirds of the total cryptocurrency market cap.

Inversely, however, bitcoin has dropped in the overall market share, which makes for good reading for the overall cryptocurrency ecosystem. Bitcoin’s market share among cryptocurrencies peaked at an all-time high of 96.20% in November 2013 (the days leading up to Japanese exchange Mt. Gox’s implosion). At the start of 2017, bitcoin’s market share reached 87.88% before dropping to a then all-time low of 71.75% in mid-March.
[Image: Bitcoin-CMC-Total-Market-Cap.jpg]
Bitcoin’s dominance in market value is warning further as other cryptocurrencies make gains, dropping to an all-time low below 65% in early April.
The altcoin market has soared since the turn of the year with the likes of EthereumDashMonero and Ripple making significant gains.
Ethereum, the second largest cryptocurrency after Bitcoin began the trading around $8 per coin in January this year. By the early days of March, ETH had more than doubled to $20 but the gains were only beginning. By the end of the month, Ethereum was trading above $50 per coin and continues to do so at the present time. Collectively, this amounts to a market cap of above $4.5 billion.
[Image: Ethereum-CMC-0425.jpg]
The third and final cryptocurrency of the billion-dollar club, Ripple, rose from $237 million in market capitalization at the turn of the year to an all-time high of $2.08 billion earlier this month, scaling nearly 9x. Ripple’s market cap currently stands at $1.2 billion. A number of new features and integrations with major banks around the world have helped spur investors’ faith in Ripple’s token, XRP.
Altogether, the combined altcoin market cap has grown from $2.207 billion at the beginning of the year to an all-time high of $10.32 billion.

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