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  Quick Recovery! Bitcoin hits $4100 again
Posted by: admin - 08-23-2017, 08:23 AM - Forum: News From Cryptocurrency Market - No Replies

The price of Bitcoin went below the $4,000 line yesterday, quickly crashing and reaching a 12-day low of $3660 at around 5:00 AM UTC. While it is unclear what caused the dip, it may be related to the upcoming SegWit activation. The nature of the update may make some investors wary, prompting them to "wait out" the update and return once technical stability is ensured.

Whatever caused it, the crash didn’t last long, as Bitcoin started to recover immediately after reaching its 12-day low and is now sitting at $4110. Having risen 12.50% today, Bitcoin's trading volume is also higher than usual with $555.19 M exchanged in the USD/BTC markets in the last 24h. As usual, Japan is leading the markets in trading volume with a 45% market share
Despite its rising hash rate, BitcoinCash did not accompany Bitcoin on its way up, remaining fairly stable following its latest descent from the weekend all-time high.
SegWit coming soon
While it is still unclear if the upcoming soft fork caused the BTC flash crash, the quick recovery may also have something to do with the long-awaited SegWit activation which is scheduled to take place one day from now. The SegWit update will allow the Bitcoin network to handle more transactions, a prospect that can restore Bitcoin’s characteristics as a quick and cheap payment method. In theory, SegWit can double Bitcoin's transaction throughput.  
The activation of SegWit was an uphill battle. However, the SegWit2X agreement managed to bring industry leaders together, winning over more than 80% of the network hash rate. Although the Segregated Witness (SegWit) update will be activated tomorrow, the SegWit2X agreement also aims to increase the transaction capacity by means of a hard fork in November, increasing the 1mb block size limit to a 2mb one. 
Some members of the developer community have voiced their concerns and complaints regarding the technical dangers and lack of planning that has been put into the SegWit2X agreement, claiming that it's a rushed upgrade and that an hard fork should be better planned.
Future looks bright for Bitcoin
The price of Bitcoin has grown 250% in the last 6 months, breaking previous all-time highs and gaining popularity all over the world. The future looks bright for Bitcoin, as even well-known skeptics like Mark Cuban are beginning to invest in the space. 

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  Low Momentum To Start The Trading Week
Posted by: fx88vn - 08-22-2017, 10:19 AM - Forum: InvestorsCare - Lounge - Replies (2)

The deceleration in bearish momentum yesterday resulted in a bullish reversal to start today’s Asian trading session. The pair is testing the 109.25 price level and the 20-period exponential moving average. A break of these two resistance lines will provide confirmation of the uptrend. MACD still has a negative bias, however, is turning more positive. RSI has flattened below the 50 support level.
[Image: 2017-08-22-08_28_49-1006_-Galactus-Live-USDJPYsH4.png]

The GBP/USD pair has been trading in a fairly tight price range from the 1.284 to 1.290 price level, as neither currency has been able to dominate price action. The pair has hit a resistance level at the upper bound of price range at 1.290 and retraced to also break the 20-period EMA. MACD is approaching the zero line and becoming less negative and RSI remains flat. A previous less significant resistance level is at the 1.288 price level which the pair is starting to test. A full break will represent confirmation of the reversal.
[Image: 2017-08-22-08_23_45-1006_-Galactus-Live-GBPUSDsH4.png]
Silver prices have been bouncing along the 20-period EMA which is currently acting as a support level. The metal is also reaching the 16.92 price level which when hit on two previous occasions, resulted in a bullish move. MACD is flat just above the zero line and RSI is flat just above the 50 support level, indicating that momentum is moderately bullish. Price action will likely continue to fluctuate between the 17.16 and the 16.92 price levels.
[Image: 2017-08-22-08_30_47-1006_-Galactus-Live-XAGUSDsH4.png]
Gold prices have also been affected by low momentum. Price action has hit the 1288 price level and the 20-period EMA. A break of these support level will provide some momentum for the bearish move. However, the move seems unsupported by momentum indicators. MACD is flat above the zero line and RSI has a mild downward trajectory just below the overbought 70 level. Volume is low, therefore major fundamentals news is required to generate any significant move for the metal.
[Image: 2017-08-22-08_22_02-1006_-Galactus-Live-XAUUSDsH4.png]
From: https://fx88.vn/vi

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  Hacker Nets over $500,000 after Hacking Enigma before ICO Date
Posted by: admin - 08-22-2017, 08:32 AM - Forum: News From Cryptocurrency Market - No Replies

Last month, CCN reported on CoinDash’s ICO being hacked. Hackers managed to change the address on its website and made over $9 million. Now, despite not making as much money, a hacker managed to compromise Enigma before its ICO in a similar way, and has netted over 1,500 Ether (over $500,000) from the community.
Enigma, a project started by MIT graduates whose ICO was scheduled for September, didn’t lose any money itself, as the hacker only managed to get his hands on the company’s website, mailing list, and Slack group.
After the hacker managed to compromise Enigma’s social accounts, he started to send emails and post Slack messages to urge the community to send funds to his Ethereum address claiming Enigma opened its pre-ICO. In sent emails, according to reports, the hacker stated it had a hard cap set at $20 million. The email read:

Quote:“Hello All,
We are pleased with the enormous support we have gotten in the last couple of weeks. The Enigma team has decided to open the Pre-Sale to the public. The hard cap for this pre sale will be 20 Million. Please note that tokens will be calculated and distributed based on how much the Pre-Sale raises.”
After being compromised, the Enigma team quickly warned the community and news of the hack spread fast. Nevertheless, about 200 transactions were made. At press time, the hacker has already started moving its Ether to various other addresses.


[Image: nV7eAuUq_normal.png]Enigma Project @EnigmaMPC
WARNINGS: DO NOT SEND FUNDS TO ANY ADDRESSES. Certain Enigma accounts are under attack. We are working to resolve this, stay put.
7:55 AM - Aug 21, 2017

Twitter Ads info and privacy

In response to the incident the company took its websites and Slack group offline, and keeps on updating users via Telegram and Twitter. According to users on Reddit, after the website was knocked offline the hacker tried to justify it by claiming it was receiving a lot of traffic. On Etherscan, a warning has already been added to the address to prevent users from sending funds. Enigma’s team issued a statement on Twitter informing users.
View image on Twitter
[Image: DHvrw8VXcAE8_2t.jpg:small]


[Image: nV7eAuUq_normal.png]Enigma Project @EnigmaMPC
IMPT: read the following info from Enigma re: recent scam attempt. Join our Telegram to speak with team admins: http://t.me/enigmacatalyst 
11:00 AM - Aug 21, 2017

Twitter Ads info and privacy

How the Hacker Compromised Enigma
While trying to know more about the incident and help other users know about it, redditors found out that Enigma CEO Guy Zyskind’s email had been accessed by the hacker. His email, according to reports, had been dumped on the internet in the past due to other services being compromised. After these occurrences, Zyskind reportedly never changes his password, and no two-factor authentication was enabled.
Speaking to TechCrunch, a spokesperson stated that certain team passwords were compromised, and that the dedicated website for the token wasn’t affected as it resides on a “separate, more secure server.”
The company added that it has implemented new security measures, including strong passwords and two-factor authentication. The hack, however, is pretty embarrassing taking into account that one of Enigma’s co-founders recently gave Business Insider his “one way” to prevent ICO hacks. This year, over $1.2 billion have been raised by ICOs, and this means a lot of bad actors will always try to get their hands on a share of the money.

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  US Lawmakers Draft Bill Protecting Cryptocurrencies from Gov Interference
Posted by: admin - 08-21-2017, 01:01 PM - Forum: News From Cryptocurrency Market - No Replies

[Image: 725_Ly9jb2ludGVsZWdyYXBoLmNvbS9zdG9yYWdl...5qcGc=.jpg]REGULATIONS

Several members of the US Congress are drafting legislation that is intended to recognize certain digital currencies and protect them against interference from the federal government.
The bill, which will provide protection to cryptocurrencies that comply with certain minimum requirements to prevent them from being used by those engaged in illegal business practices like drug traffickers and terrorists, is expected to be filed in September 2017, according to DailyCaller.
Based on a reliable source, at least one Republican senator and two Republican congressmen are working on the draft legislation.
The legislators, however, have requested that should not be identified due to the sensitivity of the issue and the complexity of the proposed solution.
Basic features of the bill
According to the source, the bill will focus on how to make the digital currencies as part of the mainstream form of payments being used in the country like the dollar.
Among the proposals are to protect the virtual currencies against harassment from the federal government, prevent the currencies from being considered as a form of security or investment and to protect the transactions using the currencies against taxation.
Latest developments in the cryptocurrency market
During trading on Aug. 18, 2017, the price of the new digital currency Bitcoin Cash has increased by 40 percent in the past days.
The most popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, meanwhile, sustained its phenomenal performance and is now valued at nearly $4,400. The leading virtual currency has already posted an increase of more than 300 percent in 2017.
However, the popularity of Bitcoin has been tainted with some controversies including a claimthat a young British model was kidnapped and auctioned off on the underground web market as a “sex slave,” with the criminals asking payment in the form of Bitcoin because the digital currency is allegedly untraceable.
Various other cyber crimes have been linked to Bitcoin in the past years, making it extremely important for lawmakers to establish policies and regulations in place for cryptocurrency.

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Sad Bucks suffer from the strong bearish
Posted by: fx88vn - 08-21-2017, 08:45 AM - Forum: InvestorsCare - Lounge - No Replies

Bearish momentum appears to be decelerating for the USD/JPY pair with price action testing the 109.25 price level. However, weakness in the dollar still persists as highlighted by MACD which remains below the zero line and the 20 period moving average (EMA) continues its downward trajectory. RSI is flat just above the oversold zone. Volume appears to be rising into the move; the question is whether the rising interest will push prices higher or whether price action will continue down to the 108.93 price level.
[Image: 2017-08-21-08_03_56-1006_-Galactus-Live-USDJPYsH4.png]

The U.S. Dollar appears to have fared better against the Swiss Franc with price action rising on positive sentiment to test the 0.965 resistance line. The pair has also broken the 20-period moving average. MACD appears to be turning more positive and RSI has stalled at the 50 support level. Volume has been declining which may suggest U.S. Dollar buyers are beginning to lose steam.
[Image: 2017-08-21-08_06_00-1006_-Galactus-Live-USDCHFsH4.png]
Silver prices have been trading in range between the 16.61 price level and the 17.16 price level. However, the pair has broken the 20-period EMA to the downside which has been acting as support in recent trading sessions. Confirmation of bearish momentum will come from a break below the zero line on MACD as RSI has broken the 50 support level. Volume remains low however, indicating a slow start to the week for the metal.
[Image: 2017-08-21-08_10_04-1006_-Galactus-Live-XAGUSDsH4.png]
The Eurodollar has entered into a moderate near-term downtrend with lower highs. However, the U.S. Dollar still cannot gather any real bullish momentum against the Euro. A break of the 20-period EMA indicates that Euro buyers still dominate price action, with the 1.169 price level acting a strong support area, which tends to be followed by strong buying momentum. The momentum has worn off early in today’s trading session. A break of the zero line on MACD would confirm the bullish bias however RSI has stalled at the 50 support line. There is no clear direction for the pair.
[Image: 2017-08-21-08_13_09-1006_-Galactus-Live-EURUSDsH4.png]
From: https://fx88.vn/vi/research-tools/daily-insights

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  How do you make an investment deposit?
Posted by: Raeven - 08-18-2017, 10:34 PM - Forum: InvestorsCare - Lounge - Replies (3)

When you go to invest in a HYIP, what method do you use to deposit?

Apparently I can not have a Perfect Money or Payeer account because I live in the USA. I made an Advanced Cash account, but was locked out of it the next day; it said because I was using a proxy. I am not using any proxy that I am aware of, so if I am using a proxy, it is something my ISP provider does and I can not change it.

That leaves only Bitcoin transfers for me to make a deposit. I have done that in the past, the transactions were confirmed, but the funds never appeared in my account at the HYIP.

Is this an inherent risk with Bitcoin transfers? Since they are so anonymous, is an investor essentially at the mercy of the HYIP? The HYIP can take the funds and the investor has no recourse?

If this is the case I will probably never invest again. I suspect the dishonest HYIPs target small investors like me to steal the funds, since there is nothing small investors can do about it.

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  The First Ever 8MB Block Has Been Mined, Bitcoin Cash Spikes in Price
Posted by: admin - 08-18-2017, 09:10 AM - Forum: News From Cryptocurrency Market - No Replies

Bitcoin Cash is the first ever public blockchain based digital currency to mine an 8MB block which processed nearly 40,000 transactions.
The block was mined by BitClub a few hours ago after the blockchain was seemingly spammed with many transactions, presumably to test the biggest block ever mined by any public blockchain.
It’s all gone smoothly as far as the network is concerned with no problems reported as big blockers finely prove bitcoin can operate just as well with higher capacity.
[Image: first-ever-8mb-block-1.png]The first ever 8MB block mined in a public blockchain.
However, it is probably true that Blockstream’s bitcoin satellite, which runs at 64kbit/sec, would not be able to handle it. But, even their investors are wondering why anyone would want to use such dial-up connection in a Google Fibre 1GB/sec century. Nick Sullivan from AirBnB, who invested in Blockstream, publicly said:
“Congrats to blockstream on the cool science project. As an investor, I’m pissed about the misuse of money/time.” He links to the bitcoin satellite project before adding that when he invested in Blockstream he expected “a return on my investment. Now, I’ve written that off.”
Even though the estimated zero bitcoin satellite users probably can’t handle the extra capacity, everyone else here on earth saw the network operate just as it should with some added benefits.
Primarily, fees are currently some 350x lower on the Bitcoin Cash chain than on the Bitcoin Core chain where fees for median transactions have risen to $3.
[Image: bitcoin-cash-and-bitcoin-fees.png]A comparison of Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Core according to cashvscore.com
That’s higher than even traditional payment alternatives such as Visa for no good reason as bitcoin holders currently pay miners billions a year through block rewards of 12.5 every ten minutes.
Moreover, ethereum now handles even more transaction than bitcoin per day, yet their fees are merely 12 cents with low fee transactions of less than a cent still confirmed.
And if that’s not enough in itself, the second benefit for 99.99% of non dial-up bitcoin satellite users who, instead, happen to be living in this century rather than in the early 90s, is that there are no transaction delays.
On the Bitcoin Core chain, their tiny 1MB blocks have been known to keep bitcoiners waiting days for one confirmation, while Bitcoin Cash’s extra capacity is sufficient for current demand. Thus manages to clear all transactions in the next block.
[Image: bitcoin-cash-price-august-17-17-2.png]Bitcoin Cash’s price jumps.
That sent Bitcoin Cash’s price spiking up, jumping to more than $390 in minutes with volumes considerably rising after some significant sideways movement.
The currency has been consolidating at around $300 for the past few days with the market seemingly wondering which way it should move until there was a break up just minutes ago which may set its direction for the short-term, but you can never tell with price movements.
However, the 8MB block seems to have brought some life to the first chain-split bitcoin hardfork as its network has now been operating perfectly well for more than two weeks. Showing that simply increasing the base blocksize just works and solves the capacity problem in – well – a week.

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  Swiss Bank to Sell Ether and Bitcoin Cash to Customers
Posted by: admin - 08-17-2017, 10:48 AM - Forum: News From Cryptocurrency Market - No Replies

A private Swiss bank is expanding a digital asset management service it launched earlier this summer to include new cryptocurrencies.
Falcon Private Bank, as previously reported by CoinDesk, revealed that it would allow its customers to buy and hold bitcoin within their accounts through a partnership with brokerage service Bitcoin Suisse. The launch was said to come after consultations with Swiss regulators, including the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA).
Now, that product line is expanding to include ether, litecoin and bitcoin cash. Customers of the bank will be able to start buying and holding those cryptocurrencies from August 22, according to today's announcement.

It’s a notable development, given that the initial service was brought online just over a month ago, marking the first time a traditional bank has moved to offer cryptocurrency services to its clients. As of last year, Falcon Private Bank had more than $14 billion in assets under its control.
"Falcon Private Bank was the first bank to offer bitcoin directly to its clients, and thus created history," Bitcoin Suisse CEO Niklas Nikolajsen said in a statement. "Their decision to follow up by adding ether as well as other crypto-assets has made them the go-to private bank for crypto-asset holders and investors."
At the time of its bitcoin service launch, Falcon also moved to install a bitcoin ATM in its Zurich headquarters.

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  New Bitcoin ETF Effort Launched by Money Management Firm
Posted by: admin - 08-16-2017, 10:07 AM - Forum: News From Cryptocurrency Market - No Replies

A US-based money manager wants to launch an exchange-traded fund (ETF) tied to the price of bitcoin.

VanEck, which is headquartered in New York, is seeking to create the "VanEck Vectors Bitcoin Strategy ETF". The goal, SEC filings reveal, is to have the ETF listed on the Nasdaq exchange.
According to a preliminary prospectus published on August 11, the fund won't directly invest in bitcoin as is case with other ETFs tied to the cryptocurrency. Rather, it will purchase stakes in derivatives and financial products that offer exposure to bitcoin market developments.
As explained in the filing:

Quote:"The Fund seeks to achieve its investment objective by investing, under normal circumstances, in U.S. exchange-traded bitcoin-linked derivative instruments ("Bitcoin Instruments") and pooled investment vehicles and exchange-traded products that provide exposure to bitcoin (together with Bitcoin Instruments, "Bitcoin Investments")."
The ETF won't be limited to just bitcoin-tied securities, however. Beyond that, the fund will also invest in US Treasury bonds, money market funds and cash, among other possible assets, according to the prospectus.
The latest ETF bid comes on the heels of growing activity on the cryptocurrency derivatives front.
Last month, the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission granted a derivatives clearing organization license to startup LedgerX, and options exchange CBOE plans to launch such products later this year.
Whether the SEC will approve the ETF remains to be seen, given that it's an area that the regulator has resisted in the past.
SEC officials shot down two separate bids in March, including one spearheaded by investors Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss. In the latter case, the agency has since moved to launch a review of that decision, the results of which are expected later this year.

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  BTC Reaches Another All Time High
Posted by: admin - 08-15-2017, 11:23 AM - Forum: News From Cryptocurrency Market - No Replies

Bitcoin has reached another all time high of $4,300 on the cryptocompare index. The recent rally has spawned from a series of good news in the Bitcoin space. The August first hardfork went smoothly. Since the hardfork, Segwit successfully locked in on Friday 11th leading to the price breaking the $3,300 resistance and is climbing into uncharted territory.
The recent climb has been lead by the Japanese markets with daily volumes of over 130,000 Bitcoin on the largest exchange - Bitflyer.
Given the growind deman in the country, Bitcoin is trading with a premium of up to 5-6% against the USD markets. After legalising bitcoin as a form of currency in early April. Japanese investors have shown a significant interest in the currency as a method of hedging poor returns on FX and Japanese markets. 

According to Yahoo Finance, Bitcoin is $400 million more valuable than PayPal, whose market cap is $70.2 billion versus the $70.6 billion of Bitcoin.

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