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  Bitcoin Price Loses $500 Again Amidst Confusion Over Chinese Regulations
Posted by: admin - 09-11-2017, 08:59 AM - Forum: News From Cryptocurrency Market - No Replies

Bitcoin price gave up $500 in the last two days, the second time this has occurred in what appears to be a rollercoaster response to recent actions by Chinese regulators. The price lost 1.61% in the last 24 hours alone, during which nearly all of the top 10 cryptos lost value, pushing bitcoin’s price closer to $4,000 and leaving its market capitalization just over $68 billion, according to coinmarketcap.com.
[Image: Chart-4.png]
Source: Coinmarketcap.com

Bitcoin fell from $4,649.16 on Sept. 8 to $4,108.69 today, a nearly 12% loss in two days. The price was in the $5,000 range on Sept. 1, its historic high point.
[Image: Chart-3-1024x368.png]
Source: Coinmarketcap.com

Price Resilience Tested
Today’s loss gives back some of the recovery following a clarification by the top three Chinese bitcoin exchanges – OKCoin, Huobi and BTCC – that Chinese regulators are not banning bitcoin exchanges. Caixin, a state owned financial news source, reported early on Sept. 9 that the government would shut down exchanges within its market. Bitcoin’s price fell to $4,075 within a few hours.
[Image: Chart-2-1024x373.png]
Source: Coinmarketcap.com

[Image: Chart-1-1024x385.png]
Source: Coinmarketcap.com

The price recovered to $4,310 within the same day after Samson Mow, Blockstream’s chief strategy officer, questioned the report, noting Caixin did not provide sources.
OKCoin, Huobi and BTCC, meanwhile, said they did not receive directives from the Peoples’ Bank of China (PBoC) and local regulators. These exchanges assured users they have always complied with government policies.

OKCoin released a statement that should the Caixin report be true, it would keep users’ funds secure.
Chinese Actions Impact Price
Bitcoin’s price has also been affected by the Chinese government’s ban, announced Monday, on initial coin offerings (ICOs). Bitcoin’s price fell by $500 in response this announced ban, but recovered to $4,550 within 24 hours.
Mow claimed bitcoin’s resilience in the face of these government actions reflects the lessening impact of government pressure compared to a few years ago.
News of the ban immediately sent crypto markets tumbling, with nearly 90 of the top 100 cryptocurrencies experiencing 24-hour price declines that were greater than 10%.
Also read: China ICO ban: Crypto industry leaders weigh in
China Could Be Punishing Itself
Binance, a new exchange that has funded operators through an ICO token, responded to the ICO ban by stating today that the Chinese can no longer trade on its exchange.  Binance stated it will suspend trading and deposit services of tokens HCC, LLT, ELC, BTM and YOYO, but that withdrawals would continue. Binance said it will restrict all Chinese IP addresses from trading, although they will be able to make withdrawals.
Binance further said it will refocus its efforts serving its international audience which accounts for 84.5% of its users.
Ripple, the number four crypto currency based on market capitalization, was the only one of the top 10 to post a gain today, rising 2.84% to $0.21443 and a market cap just over $8 billion.

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  Silver and gold suffer from the low trajectory
Posted by: fx88vn - 09-11-2017, 08:40 AM - Forum: InvestorsCare - Lounge - No Replies

Silver has the same trajectory as Gold with an apparent market top hit at the 18.09 price level. RSI has broken the 70 line to the downside and if the current candle closes below the 70 line, the downtrend is confirmed. MACD remains bullish but is a lagging indicator.
[Image: 2017-09-11-08_23_58-1100_-AnzoCapital-Li...pDaily.png]
From: https://fx88.vn/vi

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  Bitcoin Mining Thrives in Venezuela Thanks to Hyperinflation and Free Electricity
Posted by: admin - 09-09-2017, 12:07 AM - Forum: News From Cryptocurrency Market - No Replies

RUCKUS[Image: 725_Ly9jb2ludGVsZWdyYXBoLmNvbS9zdG9yYWdl...5qcGc=.jpg]

Venezuela is home to one of the world’s worst cases of hyperinflation since the Weimar Republic. For example, a McDonald’s Big Mac there now costs half a month’s salary. The country’s annual inflation rate has surged to 1,600 percent, The Atlantic reports.
This might not be an ideal situation to live in. As the high percentage of inflation continues to soar annually, citizens do not enjoy time queuing for lines with empty shelves, nor piling stacks of bills in front of the store’s cashier.
Turning to cryptocurrency mining for survival
Venezuelans have found a better alternative to escape hyperinflation. They’ve taken Bitcoin as an alternative, and  mining Bitcoin has become big in the country.
To further utilize the cryptocurrency, data-crunching power is implemented to earn more Bitcoin. People utilize digital equipment such as specialized computers, with Bitcoin miners helping the cryptocurrency market to hit its record high in 2016.
Virtually free electricity powers cryptocurrency miners
With few utilities that its citizens can still afford, electricity happens to be among them. In fact, electricity power in the country is hugely subsidized and virtually free. This is all thanks to President Nicolas Maduro of the socialist regime.
Such a setup created an opportunity for struggling citizens, as Bitcoin miners can run many transactions and earn at least $500 a month. This can feed a family and provide them their basic needs – goods, medications, and such.
However, miners can highly influence inflation, too. These so-called miners are becoming the government’s “capitalist parasites”, since Bitcoin is still not legally regulated in the country, leading to some miners getting arrested for stealing free electricity.
Such a crackdown on Bitcoin mining, however, didn’t stop miners, with some turning to Ethereum and Dash mining instead, showing no signs of slowing down.

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  'Roaches': SEC Chief Speaks Out Against Malicious ICOs
Posted by: admin - 09-07-2017, 12:01 PM - Forum: News From Cryptocurrency Market - No Replies

A member of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission's (SEC) division of enforcement has spoken out against malicious initial coin offerings (ICOs).
In seemingly off-the-cuff remarks at a panel discussion in New York on Tuesday, SEC co-director Steven Peikin claimed that such sales could pose a threat to retail investors, a problem which the SEC is now trying to address according to Reuters.
Most notably, he compared those seeking to leverage the blockchain use case improperly to cockroaches.
Peikin reportedly told attendees:

Quote:"As with any kind of newsworthy event, roaches kind of crawl out of the woodwork and try to scam money off of investors."
The comments follow an escalation of regulatory announcements on ICOs, with the SEC recently ruling tokens may be be classified as securities (though such decisions are being made case-by-case). Since then, Canada, China and Hong Kong have followed suit, with only China taking aggressive steps to ban ICOs altogether.
On the heels of those announcements, the SEC is said to be targeting bad actors in the space, with Peikin indicating this responsibility has fallen to the agency's distributed ledger technology group, launched in 2013.
In recent weeks, that group has taken action against ICOs still in development, with the SEC putting a particular emphasis on publicly traded companies. Various other SEC investigations on fraudulent ICOs are underway, Peikin reportedly stated.

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  China's ICO Ban: A Full Translation of Regulator Remarks
Posted by: admin - 09-06-2017, 06:43 PM - Forum: News From Cryptocurrency Market - No Replies

Recently, a number of token fundraising activities in the country, including initial coin offerings, have emerged for the purposes of financing and speculation. Such [sales] are considered illegal and disruptive to economic and financial stability.
In order to be compliant with the messages conveyed during the National Financial Work Conference, to protect the legal rights of investors and to prevent financial risks, we have the following announcement.
The statement is based on the law of the People's Republic of China, as well as the laws of the People's Bank of China, commercial banking and securities law, cybersecurity and telecommunications law, and financing and financial activities law.
1. An accurate acknowledgement of the nature of ICOs
"Token fundraising" refers to a process where fundraisers distribute digital tokens to investors who make financial contributions in the form of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and ether.
By nature, it is an unauthorized and illegal public financing activity, which involves financial crimes such as the illegal distribution of financial tokens, the illegal issuance of securities and illegal fundraising, financial fraud and pyramid scheme.
Relevant authorities will closely monitor the latest market status and collaborate with the justice department and local governments.
Altogether, they will strictly enforce the current legal framework to solve the market chaos. Any criminal suspicion will be handed over to the justice department.
The tokens or "cryptocurrencies" that are distributed during the token fundraising are not issued by the monetary authority, which has no legal property as fiat currency does and cannot circulate in the monetary market.
Any organization or individual is prohibited from starting illegal token fundraising activity
Starting from the date of this announcement, all kinds of fundraising activities through token issuance should stop immediately.
Organizations and individuals who have completed token fundraising previously shall make arrangements such as refunding crypto assets to investors to protect investor rights, and to deal with the risks properly.
Relevant law enforcements will investigate and severely punish those who refuse to halt fundraising activities through token issuance and those whose completed token fundraising activates are found to have violated the law or regulation.
Reinforce the supervision on platforms that provide exchange services for tokens issued during the fund raising
Starting from the date of this announcement, any so-called token exchange platform shall not:

  • Be involved in offering exchange services between fiat currency and tokens

  • Buy or sell tokens for cryptocurrencies, or act as a central party facilitating the trading of tokens for cryptocurrencies

  • Provide price bidding or middleman service for the exchange of tokens for cryptocurrency.
For any token exchange platform that violates the law or regulation, financial authorities will request:
  • The telecommunication department to shut down its website and mobile application.

  • The Cyberspace Administration of China to delist its mobile application from app stores.

  • The State Administration for Industry and Commerce to discard its business license.
No financial institutions or non-banking payment institutions shall operate businesses that deal with token fundraising
All financial institutions and non-banking payment institutions shall not directly or indirectly provide account opening, registration, trading, clearing and settlement services for token fundraising activities; shall not underwrite any insurance policy that relates to tokens and cryptocurrency, or include any token and cryptocurrency under the insurance policy coverage.
Should any financial institution and non-banking payment institution be found in violation of the law or regulation, they should be reported to relevant authorities immediately. The public should be highly vigilant about potential risks that come with token fundraising and trading.
Token fund raising and trading pose multiple risks, including fraudulent assets, business operational failure, and speculation, etc. Investors are responsible for taking such risks themselves and thus are advised to remain cautious on suspicious projects.
For any illegal financing activity that operates under the name of "coin," the public should become better at spotting scams and always stay vigilant against risks, and should report to the authority any lead of law and regulation violation.
Industry Organizations Should be Self-disciplined.
Different financial industry organizations should study the regulation well and have member companies to voluntarily fight against any illegal financial activity that relates to token and cryptocurrency fund raising; should stay away from this market chaos; should improve the education for investors; and jointly maintain the financial stability.

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  Breaking: China’s Central Bank Bans all ICOs
Posted by: admin - 09-05-2017, 09:02 AM - Forum: News From Cryptocurrency Market - No Replies

In significant developments today, China’s central bank has announced an immediate blanket ban on all initial coin offering (ICO) funding, deeming it to be an illegal practice of fundraising.
An official notice from the People’s Bank of China (PBoC), China’s central bank and financial regulator, sees the authority enforce a ban on ICO funding that has “seriously disrupted the economic and financial order.” In the first half of 2016, an estimated CNY 2.616 billion (approx. $400 million) was invested into ICOs according to Chinese publication Yicai, citing an official report.
A roughly translated excerpt from the announcement read:

Quote:As of the date of this announcement, all types of token issuance financing activities shall cease immediately. The organizations and individuals who have completed the financing of tokens should make arrangements for repatriation and so on, reasonably protect the interests and properly handle the risks.
The announcement published on the central bank website was also backed by a number of other government administrators and regulators including the China Securities Regulatory Commission, China Banking Regulatory Commission, China Insurance Regulatory Commission and the Ministry of Industry and Commerce who formed an investigative committee on ICOs prior to today’s statement.

Now banned from raising funds through ICOs, individuals and organizations who have already completed ICO fundraising previously are also required to return all investor funds.
Furthermore, the committee has also prepared a list of 60 major ICO platforms for regulators and authorities to inspect, according to Chinese news outlet Caixin.
As CCN reported in late August, Chinese authorities held a meeting to discuss regulations of ICOs on August 18 where the possibility of a complete ban on all ICOs was discussed. Last week, the National Internet Finance Association of China issued an ICO warning to members, deeming ICO platforms a threat to the stability of China’s financial sector.

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  Bitcoin Drops Below $5,000 as Crypto Markets See $13 Billion Sell-Off
Posted by: admin - 09-04-2017, 08:37 AM - Forum: News From Cryptocurrency Market - No Replies

It's the biggest sell-off since mid-July.
At press time, the total value of all publicly traded cryptocurrencies was $166 billion, a figure that was down more than 7 percent from a high of nearly $180 billion last night.
That's when bitcoin, surging on technical improvements and growing investor optimism, topped $5,000 on the CoinDesk Bitcoin Price Index for the first time.
[Image: coindesk-bpi-chart.jpeg]

The decline was similar to what was observed on bitcoin, with average global prices declining from a high of $5,013.91 to a low of $4,619.97, a more than $250 decline.
Overall, it was the largest sell-off in the cryptocurrency markets since July 15, when the total value of the asset class plunged roughly 12 percent from $72 billion to $63 billion. However, that decline was part of a multi-day sell-off that saw prices drop more than 25 percent on what was then concern over bitcoin's technical roadmap.
At press time, market observers seemed split on how to read the market movement.
In remarks to CoinDesk, some stated it might be too early to say the market has peaked given the recent upswell in institutional interest and the finite nature of new cryptocurrency creation.
On the latter point, some went so far to speculate the decline could be a "bear trap," one that quickly opens the door for larger gains.
"Since bitcoin is getting a lot of media attention lately a lot of people are looking for a moment to enter the market," Bram Ceelen, founder of cryptocurrency brokerage AnyCoin, told CoinDesk.
Others pointed to declines in July and May as evidence the market has still retracted, even during its 2017 rally, and that further declines were possible.

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  Respectativa - high and low risk combine
Posted by: admin - 09-03-2017, 07:26 AM - Forum: Reviews - No Replies


- SSL Certificate (SSL)

Evaluation: 3/5


- Good design template and members area

Evaluation: 3/5

Investment Plans

2 investment plans are present:

118% - 122% After for 7 days, 12% - 13% Daily for 12 daysThe 1st plan with a minimum deposit of $10 adds up to a minimum of 118% ROI a 18% net profit. This plan offers a low return even it´s an after plan (initial investment plus net profit returned after 7 days). The 2nd plan with a minimum deposit of $25 adds up to a minimum of 144% ROI a 44% net profit. This 2nd plan is more risky with a higher return, however it´s the type of plan that most investors like, high returns for short cycles. In this 2nd plan the investment is returned (BEP) after 8 days, which is quite a very short term.

So, both plans have short cycles, a mix of low and more higher returns. 

The payouts are made in manual mode, usually fast.

In conclusion, this program so far is very well managed, with 37 days of lifetime, already 3 cycles have been completed for the 2nd plan, investors who decided to invest from day 1 already have a good profit.

Evaluation: 5/5


- Gold Coders Licensed Script

- Company Registerd
- Live Support (Chat)

Evaluation: 3/5

Social Networks

- The mention to social networks in template is 
well mentioned, Facebok and Twitter are present.

Evaluation: 4/5

In conclusion, I give to this program a Evaluation of 3.8 out of 5.

Remember, invest all you can afford to lose!

You can join here:

[Image: 468x60.gif]

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  Weeks After Seizure, Troubled Bitcoin Exchange BTC-e Is Back Online
Posted by: admin - 09-01-2017, 08:34 AM - Forum: News From Cryptocurrency Market - No Replies

BTC-e, the bitcoin exchange charged by US authorities last month with a host of money laundering crimes, has launched a new website weeks after its original one was seized by law enforcement.
The site is accessible through the domain btc-e.nz, though it appears that users in some parts of the world, including the U.S., are not able to log in. CoinDesk was able to access the domain through the use of a virtual private network, or VPN.
[Image: BTC-e-1.jpg]
For now, users appear to be limited to being able to check their funds balances and post messages in the BTC-e chat box.
In a post on the Bitcoin Talk forum yesterday, a representative for the exchange said that user access would form part of a broader relaunch plan that will see BTC-e rebrand under the auspices of what they say will be a regulated investment firm.
At press time, 3,239 users of the site are logged in, according to statistics posted on the BTC-e page.
As CoinDesk previously reported, Greek authorities – acting on a US warrant – arrested a Russian national last month who they alleged helped operated the BTC-e exchange – an accusation that representatives for BTC-e later denied.
After its domain had been seized and an indictment was handed down by US prosecutors, those left in control took to a long-used Bitcoin Talk account to announce a revival plan. Part of that plan, as reported at the time, involves the launch of a debt token aimed at recouping some of the losses for users.
An update on the new BTC-e page recommended that users reset their security settings, given the recent moves by US authorities.
"Because of the seizure of the data, there is a high risk that it has been compromised. That is why in order to protect your funds, you need to refresh the security settings," the message states.

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  Monero Is Getting Its Own Version of LocalBitcoins
Posted by: admin - 08-31-2017, 04:38 PM - Forum: News From Cryptocurrency Market - No Replies

A team of monero enthusiasts based in Hong Kong have launched an alternative version of LocalBitcoins.com. 
Called LocalMonero.co, the website will connect buyers and sellers of the cryptocurrency based on country of residence. Users can meet and exchange monero for cash, or buy it online from a local seller.
Created in 2013, monero is a privacy-centric cryptocurrency that obscures user transactional data by use a cryptographic procedure called "ring signatures."
Like the currency itself, LocalMonero.co is also committed to privacy, according to its founders. Launching the website in a Reddit post, user "optocomp" stated:

Quote:"We don't keep any IP logs and we don't require users to have emails. We keep trade chat logs for 180 days for purposes of dispute mediation. The logs are encrypted and all the attachments uploaded in the chat are watermarked and encrypted to prevent unauthorized use."
[Image: Screen-Shot-2017-08-30-at-6.52.24-AM.png]
Still, the quest for privacy is slightly complex, with the premise of the website being to connect traders based on locational data. LocalMonero defaults to Google APIs for this purpose, however, it also allows users to manually override the feature by entering their own longitude and latitude when searching for local trades.
The timing of the launch would seem opportune, however.
Monero grabbed headlines last week when it saw at 80% value increase in one day, as the price per coin rocketed from $35 up to $95. The price hike followed an announcement that South Korean exchange Bithumb would soon add monero as a trading pair.
The cryptocurrency was officially introduced to Bithumb on August 27, and reached an all-time high of $153.31 a day later. One monero token was worth around $128 at press time, according to CoinMarketCap.

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