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It had been believed for years that the problems - liny195 - 01-21-2020

between Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers and former Packers coach Mike McCarthy predated his hiring in 2006. The excellent story on more than a decade of Green Bay dysfunction from Tyler Dunne of reveals that it does.Dunne explains that Rodgers could never get over McCarthy’s role in Rodgers’ extended stay in the Radio City green room during the 2005 draft Mike Daniels Jersey White , when McCarthy served as the 49ers’ offensive coordinator, and when the 49ers picked Alex Smith over Rodgers.“Aaron’s always had a chip on his shoulder with Mike,” former Packers running back Ryan Grant told Dunne. “The guy who ended up becoming your coach passed on you when he had a chance Aaron was upset that Mike passed on him — that Mike actually verbally said that Alex Smith was a better quarterback.”So when McCarthy became the Green Bay coach in 2006, the notoriously sensitive Rodgers arrived at the relationship bearing a world-class grudge.“Nobody holds a grudge in any sport like Rodgers,” Dunne writes. “When it comes to Rodgers, grudges do not merrily float away. They stick. They grow. They refuel.”That grudge apparently influenced Rodgers’ opinions toward McCarthy for their entire time together. Per Dunne, a “person who was close to Rodgers” recalls that Rodgers “would regularly call to vent that McCarthy didn’t have a clue what he was doing.”“Mike has a low football IQ J'Mon Moore Jersey White , and that used to always bother Aaron,” the source told Dunne. “He’d say Mike has one of the lowest IQs, if not the lowest IQ, of any coach he’s ever had.鈥滵unne characterizes Rodgers as “conflict-averse” and “passive-aggressive to the extreme.” That dynamic became obvious during the 2016 season, when Rodgers complained about the lack of energy on the sideline (without pointing out the obvious fact that the sideline is controlled by McCarthy) and the lack of a healthy fear among players that failure to do their jobs will get them fired (without pointing out that such fear should be instilled by McCarthy). Rodgers specifically dismissed our analysis of his passive-aggressive power play as “crap,” but it clearly wasn’t.Unless Dunne’s reporting is crap. And it clearly isn’t. Not since 2007 has the NFL had a developmental league. That was the final season of NFL Europe, which began playing as the World League of American Football in 1991. This weekend Womens Lance Kendricks Jersey , however, we saw the opening of an entirely new football league — the Alliance of American Football — which began its inaugural season with plenty of attention.Perhaps it’s Twitter and the advent of social media that has football fans so excited about football in the spring. Perhaps it was a dismal Super Bowl that has fans looking for some additional excitement. Or maybe people just truly can’t ever get enough football. Whatever the reason for the excitement, it was real, as this league’s first games got better ratings than a big regular-season matchup in another major sport.Plenty of former Green Bay Packers players were in action this weekend, and we’ll look more closely at their performances later today. But now the challenge for the AAF is sustaining the success that it had on opening weekend. Time will tell if they’re able to do so.AAF highlights: Big plays, big ratings mark opening night on CBS | SI.comThe AAF got a lot of eyeballs, debuting just a week after the Super Bowl and out-drawing an excellent NBA matchup in TV ratings.The 7 best things about the AAF we learned on opening night - SBNation.comIf the new league ends up being nothing more than a developmental league for the NFL Womens Jason Spriggs Jersey , that's probably a good thing. Still, there were some entertaining plays and interesting rules that differ from the NFL.Inbox: Who will be next to make that jump? | Packers.comCould Tony Brown be in for a big second-year improvement? He’s got all the athletic ability one could hope for in a cornerback, and perhaps he makes the Packers look smart for grabbing an undrafted rookie and turning him into something. Sound like anybody else you remember?Sam Shields 'beat all odds,' now wants to remain in L.A. - NFL.comAlthough Brown didn’t sign with the Packers immediately and wasn’t a recent convert from wide receiver, his undrafted status brings Shields to mind. The veteran made it through an entire NFL season in 2018 without any issues, something we at APC thought was unlikely when he signed with the Rams. Now he's got his eye on 2019 and staying with that team, though it's a packed depth chart that led to him only playing special teams in the playoffs.Look no further than Adam Humphries to fill-in at slot WR for Packers | Packers WireWhile there has been discussions about Cole Beasley on Packers Twitter , Humphries is probably a better overall player who should be a serious target for Brian Gutekunst.For $20, Wildlife Images will put your ex's name on a salmon and feed it to a bear | KTVLApparently this symbolic destruction of an ex is becoming a big-time thing.Finally, as a bonus silly curds, enjoy this bulldog performing in an agility competition!