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Pandex - Is it a real broker???
Quote: David News

Before going into all details about the legend, investment plans, its features and potential to make a profit with this program, I would like to mention about a trading software, which is available on the PANDEX website for anyone interested in trading. It’s built on the MetaTrader4 platform and allows you to analyze stock market prices in the real time, place orders and manager your traders account. I believe that MetaTrader4 is a good tool for traders, but it requires time for education and learning to find out the full potential of such software. In case you are interested in trading, you can download the client version of MetraTrader4 provided by PANDEX and check out its full functionality. However, those not familiar with the MetaTrader4 platform should check out some youtube video tutorials and find out more about it. 

The HYIP itself has managed to survive for 2 months, which at first glance looks impressive but it’s impossible to find out how many active deposits currently are in this HYIP. In fact, age is not always the most important success factor, but it must be considered in combination with a total sum of deposits. Otherwise, we could get impressed by the age and join the HYIP, which is trying to get final deposits and close in a short while. Well, I am not saying PANDEX is such HYIP, but I noticed that all forum threads about PANDEX are almost silent. I would expect more communication regarding a program, which has managed to survive 2 months.

What’s the main target audience of this program? After clicking on the language bar on the website I thought there is no focus on any specific country. In fact, there are 14 language options available. I was reading an English copy of the website and have no idea how correct are other translation and if they have been made by a human. However, feel free to share your experience after reading the website in any other language. According to data provided by Alexa top 5 countries of visitors are Germany, Russia, Spain, Poland, and Kazakhstan.

Even though we all know that HYIP legends are fiction, some of them just make sense and look more credible. In my opinion, the PANDEX legend is not the best example for two main reasons. First, this legend looks very complicated and it’s hard to understand what is their main approach or message they want to share with the world. Second, it mentions a Japanese billionaire, which has even his own Wikipedia page. I googled his name and couldn’t find any reference to a company named PANDEX. Even though there might be some billionaires in the HYIP world, it just looks too unreal.

PANDEX is another example of a HYIP, which has decided to choose the shortest path in social media marketing approach. Yes, social media profiles are extremely active, but 610 followers on Twitter within 2 months and no likes for the latest tweets. I scrolled down for a while and couldn’t find any liked posts. Sure, social media profile for Russian speaking audience on Vkontakte looks more credible with 1135 followers, a large amount of posts, which have attracted likes. I might be too picky, but something gives me a feeling of a short-cut in the overall social media approach also on Vkontakte. However, we leave it up to the admin of this program.

I believe most of you readers care about investment plans. Therefore, I would like to move on and provide some general information about the investment plans. First, PANDEX is offering 4 investment plans with daily interest rate varying from 0.81% up to 1.99% daily, with investment terms varying from 25 to 50 days. Such interest rates are a signal that this is a HYIP with long-term rates, which are comparably low. However, you must keep in mind that the deposit is returned at the end of the investment term. In case you are checking the investment plan details, I suggest to be careful about a number of investors. Why? The total amount of deposits looks unrealistic. Second, the minimum deposit is starting from $100 for a plan called SGX and $5000 for a plan called XAO. I can already say that the only affordable plan is SGX due to its minimum deposit. Third, minimum withdrawal is $1, and it takes from 1 minute to 3 days – to AdvCash, Payeer, PerfectMoney, BitCoin, Ethereum. Basically, here you can already see all available payment options for PANDEX. I would add that 1 minute to 3 days is a very wide range and I would like to kindly ask you to share your experience with withdrawal times in our chat box. Of course, if you have had any prior experience with this HYIP. The downside of the project is that accruals are calculated only during the business days and payouts are made also only on business days. Read FAQ’s to find out more about it.

So, I have already written all major facts about the investment plans. Let’s move on to the calculations and see how beneficial can be the plan called SGX in the real life. $200 deposited in this plan should make a net profit of 20.25%, which is $40.50. Of course since project shows average income you could make something more or something less, but I believe real-life result must be very close to the one that you will be able to see on the website.

We see a HYIP, which has a focus on marketing activities within various online marketing channels. However, there are many basic things in the core of this program, which might be the reason why there were only a few components on forums about this program. I would say that information on the website didn’t provide much trust and potential profit for the most affordable program seemed low even knowing that initial deposit is returned at the end of the investment term. Sure, I might be mistaken in my assumptions. Therefore, if you ever decide to make any investments, don’t invest more than you can afford to lose! "

You can join here:

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