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The rules, read them before posting
Rules of conduct
These rules are not negotiable and are put in place to ensure harmony and respect in InvestorsCare Forums, not following them might get you ban.
Rule 2- All treads MUST BE in English, threads not respecting this rule will be deleted without warning.
Rule 3- Discrimination and racism of any kind will not be tolerated and will get you instant ban without any warning.
Rule 4- We are not an advertising company, advertising of any sort is now allowed and threads will be deleted. 
Rule 5- You can’t post about HYIPs that are not monitored on InvestorsCare except in the Forum that was created especially for outside HYIPs.
Rule 6- Respect other investors, there are investors here from all around the globe, with different culture, respect that.
Rule 7- No discussion about religion, this is a sensitive topic and it always ends badly.
Rule 8- Use your judgement before posting anything, if you don’t know what this rule means, don’t bother posting!
Thank you for your cooperation

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