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The rules, read them before posting
1)   Name of the project you would like to introduce must be on thread Subject
2)   Thread must be as follow :
a.   Project Name
b.   Brief description of the project story.
c.    Plans
d.   Accepted wallets
e.   Referral system
3)   Why do you think it is a good project and what made you join it. (yep we don’t make it easy, so don’t be lazy)
4)   Proof that yourself have an active investment and that the program is paying, Screenshots that shows you are part of the program and that you got paid at least once is mandatory, also you must provide Hash number so we can verify the transaction.
5)   Only 1 Banner will be accepted at the end of the post with your referral link.
6)   The thread must not contain anything else or it will be deleted

A lot of Investors like to ride on others back by getting ref commission and without investing themselves, if your post doesn’t follow any of those rules it will be deleted without warning and you will have to re do it properly.

Thank you

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