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Insurance Rules
A) You must be my referral, check your upliner in dashboard.
B) No compounding is allowed for my active referrals while the insurance is active.
C) You must withdraw all available money every days from your balance during this period.
D) The maximal coverage is 100$ for each user. Of course you can deposit more, but only this limit will be taken into calculation.
E) BTC investments: you have to describe all transactions in USD. Use the rate of BTC when you invested (or claimed RCB). This must be used for withdrawals as well.
F) Payza investors are entitled to get just 40% of final rate. Who invests trough Payza ewallet already can apply for their refund policy.
G) Insurance Requests will be accepted till the 3rd day after the status of program change to NOT PAYING in our monitor.

The rate of compensation depends on number of active referrals (submitted compensation requests) and deposited amounts. Please understand that insurance is not a guarantee to make profit or get back all your money if the program go to scam, but you can get some funds back on the basis to previously described criteria. In simple terms you can avoid 100% loss at insured projects as long as the insurance is active. Please note that there are more important factors why to invest than the insurance.

If you are not a member of our forum, please make the register. After logging in, read the Insurance Rules and click on "Submit Here" button below, you will be ask to fill the form and create a Ticket.

The insured programs will have a counter underneath the name, showing the time remaining for the insurance to expire.

[Image: request.jpg]
Investors Care Admin

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