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Carbon7 the Reborn

"Carbon7 - Carbon - Reborn?
Yes, he came again. This time, restore your good name. In any case, the slogans of the project speak about this. He is the one whose record for the amount of deposits in HYIPs is still not broken and ranks first in the TOP-40: the amount on the ISP is more than a million dollars of investments and it is only through monitors. His new project - Carbon7 has the same name and the same design as one of his past projects. But investors do not stop it - on the contrary, this is the style of this administrator's work - maximum recognition. And if it were not for the limits on the amount of deposits that were introduced in Carbon7 at the start, the project again would surely be thrown by thousand-dollar bills right on the first day of work. Now he has a lot to develop, and, quite possibly, the highly experienced administration will get this very Reborn.
Technique of the project:
  • Domain: 1API GMBH, Mar 27, 2017 - 26 Mar 2022

  • Hosting: Stackpath, LLC

  • SSL: EssentialSSL COMODO CA Limited, valid: 2017-04-13 - 2018-04-13

  • Script: unique

  • Design: cute unique

  • Language versions: 1 (English)
  • Feedback form

  • Email address

  • Live chat (promise)
Payment systems:

  • Perfect Money

  • Bitcoin

  • BankWire
Investment offers:
Plan CR7:
  • 7% per day for 30 days

  • "This plan will automatically generate you a daily income of 7% each working day for 30 calendar days, after which the term of your active investment expires. Our usual working days are Monday through Friday (excluding holidays). "
Weekly plan:
  • 110% in 7 days

  • "This plan will automatically return you 110% after the expiry of 7 calendar days, after which the term of your active investment expires. The 7-day period includes weekends (110% includes a deposit). "
Surely, the first plan is more popular among investors. First, the profit is greater than on the second, and secondly, the plan with the included deposit, and this is safer. The minimum deposit amount is $ 20. It is not by chance that the upper limit of the deposit amount is not indicated. In order for the project not to be thrown by thousands at the start, as it happens with each program of this admin, the maximum for investment is limited. At the time of writing, $ 87 is the maximum for the CR7 plan and $ 165 for the maximum weekly plan. Obviously, over time, the maximum amount will be increased and then investors will have the opportunity to earn substantial money, as usual in the projects of this admin in the good old days ...
The manual output can take up to 48 working hours. The minimum is $ 2. There is also a commission for withdrawal - 7%. The referral program is 7% or 10% of the guest's deposit, depending on the amount of its investment, and 2% on second-tier deposits.
In general, the project is prepared perfectly. And, given the legendary personality of the administrator, this time taking all measures for a smooth start, has every chance to work with dignity. Let's watch the developments together. Who is with the contribution, and who is dry. Will Carbon7 justify its slogan - Reborn will only show time."
Investors Care Admin

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