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Chain Group - Trading for those who are good at this!!

- SSL Certificate (SSL)

Evaluation: 3/5


- Good design template and members area
- Custom made script 

Evaluation: 4/5

Investment Plans

A unusual concept of investment is well present here with Trading Groups where you can invest your money. The most relevant fact here is that Chain Group Escrow Service has only one investment offer (investment plan). All other offers are from third-parties, independent Trade Groups. They are serviced by Chain Group Escrow Service, but Chain Group Escrow Service does not own or manage these Trade Groups.
If this is true or not, well, you decide...

5 investment plans are present:

The Chain Trade Group Plan

This group is the only one that ChainGroupService explicitly claim ownership. 

It runs for a term of 500 calendar days. During that time members are promised a fixed daily payment of 0.2% interest on their deposits. As you can probably work out already that just allows you to break even on the final day, which then becomes 100% net profit when ChainGroupService returns your principal as promised.

The Cloud Share Plan

Also a long term option, though comparatively faster with a term running just 120 calendar days. The minimum requirement to join is a $25 investment. Payments to investors are variable, with an enormous gulf between possible minimum and maximum limits. Interest rates are paid by the day and start from 0.1%. On the other hand they can go as high as 10%. Your principal is included in the payments and will not be returned on expiry.

The Bit Strong Plan

Another longer term plan that runs for 250 calendar days this time, and also sees ChainGroupService make daily interest payments of variable rates. These can be as low as 0.1% or stretch to as much as a 3% maximum limit. Not as much as the previous offer, but the crucial difference here is that you are allowed to withdraw your principal before the expiry date if you are not happy with the performance. This will however cost you a 30% penalty fee, so think very carefully about your options before joining. The minimum investment is $5 and your principal is returned on expiry.

The Dragon Foundation Plan

Runs for 180 calendar days and costs $10 to join. Interest payments are made every day and are again variable. They start from a possible low of 0.1% or on better days could potentially be as high as a 6% maximum. No principal withdrawal is permitted.

The TG Thomas Plan

Another long term variable payments option with a $10 minimum joining fee. The full term runs for 300 calendar days, and while interest rates are typically somewhat lower than some of the other plans ChainGroupService do allow members to leave early if they want to before the final expiry date. This isn’t free of course and will cost you a 20% exit fee, so that’s going to eat into a fair share of whatever profits you might have made. Payments open at a minimum of 0.1% and on the best possible days can go as high as 1.7%.  Principal is returned on expiry.

Evaluation: 5/5


- Custom made script

- Company Registerd

Evaluation: 3.5/5

Social Networks

- The mention to social networks is present
 with Twitter and a YouTube channel available.

Evaluation: 4/5

In conclusion, I give to this program a Evaluation of 3.9 out of 5.

Remember, invest all you can afford to lose!

You can join here:

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Investors Care Admin

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