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Aurum Bank - a global investment company
Quote: Money News Online Review

"I’ll be introducing in the second part of today’s update. But before all of that there’s one particular new addition to the MNO monitor’s Premium List that I want to talk about for a while called AurumBank. When I say new by the way, I mean it’s just new to my monitor. In reality AurumBank has been online for around two years now so I imagine some of the more observant readers may have come across the name somewhere already. In many ways however as we shall see it could be argued that AurumBank is only getting started, and in real terms is in fact very much a new program. For those not yet familiar with AurumBank then let’s take a closer look and see if they have anything there you might like to be a part of.
First of all a little background information. You are probably wondering how on Earth any HYIP could stay online for two years, especially since the industry has seen such a downward trend at the moment. Well, there’s no great mystery here. AurumBank has been running on autopilot as a “sleeper”. The admin simply creates a functioning website, and remember it doesn’t necessarily need to have anything whatsoever in common with the version of AurumBank we see at the moment, and buries it. You get it announced on the main HYIP discussion forums as proof of the starting date, maybe hire one or two discreet monitors that will keep a historical record of whatever small payments you need to make them. The admin can then keep this going for how ever long he wants, until such a time as he decides to sell it to someone who will take a more active role in running it as a business, or develops it himself into a proper working HYIP open to investors. In the case of AurumBank, and of course I’m leaving out a lot, this is the path it took in coming to you in the format we see it in today – polished and ready for business, and maybe I suspect a few more improvements yet to come.

Let’s move on then to what’s really important about AurumBank which is the investment plans. Your first impression here might be to feel somewhat overwhelmed as there are no less that 25 of them in total. It’s not really that confusing though as the vast majority of the plans can and will be avoided by almost everyone. They either cost ridiculously high premiums to join, offer vastly exaggerated and unachievable returns, or both. They are also “explained” (a word I use lightly here) in such a way as to be deliberately misleading. For example, all investment terms are measured in business days, but you are shall we say allowed to think it’s calendar days. Other plans appear to offer daily interest payments, but in reality AurumBank have compulsory 100% compounding (they prefer to call it “plowback”) in place so you only get one payment on expiry, and if you didn’t realize this before making the investment, well, tough luck. So I would urge you to pay very close attention to the following, an accurate description of how the plans in AurumBank actually work.

I’m going to start with a group called The Classic Plans. This isn’t the first group you will see in your AurumBank members area, but I’ll start with them anyway because I think they are the only ones that will make any real sense to most experienced readers. The first option here opens with a very affordable $10 deposit and runs for 260 business days. That’s 52 weeks exactly, or a full calendar year. During that time AurumBank are offering you 0.8% interest on your deposit every day from Monday to Friday. That adds up to 208% by the end of the term, when AurumBank offer to return your initial deposit. You reach the break-even point after 25 weeks, around six months, so only then do you start to see any profit. There is no maximum limit placed on investments here.

The second Classic Plan will set you back at least $350 to join, again with no stated maximum. The term length is cut back considerably to 110 business days, or 22 weeks. While this is running AurumBank offer members a daily rate of 1.1%, paid Monday to Friday, and your principal returned on expiry. That leaves you with 121% in net profits, a smaller number than the first plan but a much shorter 91 days to break-even and see your first profit.

As the remaining plans in this section open with a minimum deposit of $50,000 I’m going to suggest you look at your AurumBank members account area for further details if interested and move on to The Stable Plans which can be joined for a $750 minimum. For this amount your money is held for a 110 business day term and is described as earning 3% interest per day. The reality is that this 3% is kept by the program and is not allowed to be withdrawn by you at all. Officially this is re-invested on your behalf to give a compounded return of almost 2,500% interest. I think experienced readers will know what the odds are of any HYIP admin handing over that kind of money, for the newbies I’ll just say please don’t learn this lesson the hard way, and leave it at that. Remaining plans in this category open at $40,000 so check your AurumBank account area for more details if interested.

Next up is a section called The Prestige Plans. In practice these work the same way as the last group insofar as they make just one single payment on expiry to AurumBank members. The difference here is that it’s explicitly stated as such, not described as making a daily payment which you are not allowed to withdraw. To join in here AurumBank ask a minimum deposit of $850. The return after 110 business days unfortunately is 6,500%. I say “unfortunately” because if you are realistic about it you will know this is impossible. Remaining plans start from a $45,000 minimum so there’s no need to go into detail about them here. Check your AurumBank members area if you would like to see the numbers.

For The Premium Plans AurumBank return to compulsory compounding. So while you might like the sound of the daily interest payments they seem at first glance to be offering, you really only get one single payment on expiry. The minimum to join is $950, which the plan description says earns 7% interest per day, Monday to Friday only, for 110 business days. With that interest retained by the program at all times the actual offer is compounded to over 170,000%, so once again, this is simply not going to happen. The best way to describe an investment here is “donation”. Just for your information the remaining plans continue with a $50,000 minimum deposit so see your AurumBank account if you want to know more.

And finally we have The Partner Plans. As they come with a $60,000 minimum spend I doubt anyone has much interest in hearing about these either, but I’ll just tell you it involves compulsory compounding yet again. This in turn makes the suggestion that anyone apart from the admin will actually get paid here a complete work of fiction.

If all of that makes as much sense to you as I hope it does, then the next thing you need to know is what your payment options are. For now, and I think it will probably stay this way, AurumBank have a fairly predictable list of processors but with the main popular ones all there. You can use any of PerfectMoney, AdvCash, or Payeer as the more traditional payment handlers, and BitCoin for those who favor crypto currencies. Payouts to members need to be requested from inside your private AurumBank members account area. Technically these are promised to be completed manually within 48 hours, long enough in the first place but then we are told this could possibly even stretch to 72 hours over the weekend. I do get the feeling though that there may be a more casual approach to this rule and it might only be more strictly enforced when it comes to principal withdrawals. The reason I say this is because my own withdrawals have all been done within a reasonably short space of time so far.

On the more technical side of things, particularly in relation to design and security, it probably comes as no surprise to anyone that AurumBank is running off a script from GoldCoders. Most of the regular HYIP investors will recognize it as such, and it has all the trademark features and I will just confirm for you that it’s under license. Hosting is on a dedicated server with the support and protection from DDoS attacks provided by DDoSGuard. An extra layer of security is added with a superior Green Bar Extended Validation SSL certificate from Comodo to allow for safer browsing and more secure transactions.

If there are any further questions for the admin that you think he might explain better to you than this review or any other account related issues you need to have dealt with then AurumBank can be contacted through several methods. Assuming you have read the FAQ page and can’t find an answer there, you can either fill out your details on the online e-mail support form and submit it or alternatively you can simply write directly to the admin at the e-mail address listed. Although you should probably start by trying the Live Chat support as they might be able to deal with your queries in real time before you go composing any lengthy mails. There’s a postal address in the UK where AurumBank claim company registration, something which can be safely ignored as an extra provided for you by the service that carries out the registration for you and not where you would find anyone involved with the program physically located. On the other hand there is a phone number so feel free to call them if you expect someone to answer. Of more practical use is the list of social media networks where AurumBank have active profiles. You can currently find them on Facebook, Twitter, VK, and YouTube. Currently the AurumBank website is only available in English, though it’s strongly implied that this might change before long. There’s a regional representative scheme in place where other investors act as promoters and support operators in return for improved ref commission rates. Check out the list if you think there might be someone in your area or speaks your language you want to contact, or contact the admin if you are interested in becoming one yourself.

For the business activities, by which I mean alleged business activities, AurumBank are, we are told, “a global investment company”. Texts, while original, do seem to go around in a circle a bit, talking a lot but saying nothing if you know what I mean. In other words there’s a lot to read but no information when you get there and nothing to suggest there any actual investment business being run here. There are various registration documents you can view, all of which are easily obtainable online so make whatever you like from them. Just remember that even if any of the HYIPs you join were genuinely involved with a real business there would still be absolutely no guarantee their activities would bring you a profit. Remember that millions of dollars are lost in ForEx trading and the stock markets every day just as surely as its won. So don’t delve too deeply into that side of things if AurumBank is something you are interested in joining, just treat it like any other HYIP and behave accordingly. Set yourself a sensible spending limit that you can afford to lose, and try and keep AurumBank if you have anything there as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio."

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