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AlgoProfit - Profitable Algorithm

- EV SSL Certificate (Green Bar)

Evaluation: 5/5


- Unique design template and members area

Evaluation: 5/5

Investment Plans

2 investment plans are present:

A Shorter Plan with 2.7% Daily for 14 Calendar Days and a Long Plan with 5.4% Daily for 28 Calendar Days .

The 1st plan with a minimum deposit of $30, offers a return of 2.7 daily only on business days, so in 14 calendar days, 27% net profit can be made considering 10 business days. BEP can be achieved in the 14th day plus the principal back. So, in this 1st plan a return of the investment of 127% is reached.

The 2nd plan 
with a minimum deposit of $30 too, offers a higher return, with BEP (RETURN OF THE PRINCIPAL INVESTMENT) after 19 days for a a 5.7% daily return every day including weekends. in this 2nd plan a return of the investment of 151.2% is reached in the end of the cycle (after 28 calendar days) with 51.2% net profit.

So, the 1st plan is more addressed for investors who want to recover more early the investment made. The 2nd plan takes a little more longer to reach the break-even-point (just more 5 days), but with a higher return in the all cycle of the investment.

The 2nd plan is by far the most appealing, just more 14 days in total to complete one period of investment (cycle) but with almost the double of net profit comparing to 1st plan.

The program have 35 days of lifetime now, which means that investors who choose the 1st plan from day 1 already completed 2 cycles of investment, in the other way, who choose the 2nd plan already completed 1 cycle from day 1.

The payouts are made in manual mode.

Only Payeer and Bitcoin wallets are available, the administrator intends to add soon Perfect Money and Advanced Cash as payment methods. This is te weakest point so far, since Perfect Money and AdvCash are the most used wallets in this kind of programs.

Evaluation: 4/5


- Custom Script

- Company Registerd

Evaluation: 3/5

Social Networks

- No mention to social networks in template
. However some YouTube reviews can be seen in Home Page, which is a plus.

Evaluation: 3/5

In conclusion, I give to this program a Evaluation of 4 out of 5.

Remember, invest all you can afford to lose!

You can join here:

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Investors Care Admin

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