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MineBank - Mining Free

- SSL Certificate

Evaluation: 3/5


- Customized design template and members area

Evaluation: 4/5

Investment Plans

4 plans from 3.75% to 4.5% daily during 45 days according to the amount invested.

For low investment amounts till $100 the daily average is up to 3.75%. From $100 till $999 the daily return will be up to 4%.
More than $1000 till $4999 of investing, will be 4.25% daily return. More than $5000, the daily compensation can grow up to 4.5%

The ROI goes from 168% till a maximum of 202.5%

So, for this rates, BEP ( the return of the initial investment) can be returned in minimum on the 22th day for investments above $5000, which will not be very common. The 1st and 2nd plan for sure will be the most invested plans, in this ones BEP can be reach in 25 days for 4% daily rate.

We are talking in medium/long term investment concept, which I always like.

The program have 22 days of lifetime now, which means that the first investors are almost in BEP (break even point).

The payouts are made in instant mode.

Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin are the payment methods available.

Evaluation: 4/5


- Custom Script

- Live Support

Evaluation: 3/5

Social Networks

- Social networks are not present in template
. This is a less for the program popularity.

Evaluation: 3/5

In conclusion, I give to this program a Evaluation of 3.4 out of 5.

Remember, invest all you can afford to lose!

You can join here:

[Image: minebanking1.png]
Investors Care Admin

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