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BitcoinKings – Bitcoin trading and mining
Quote: David News Review

"" How BitcoinKings can help you to achieve your crypto dreams? Of course, with the help of four (forever) Bitcoin only investment plans. The first plan called “Trial” (the minimum investment 0.003 BTC and the maximum investment 1 BTC) offers 4% daily for a lifetime, the second plan “Beginner” (the minimum investment is 1.01 BTC and the maximum investment 2.5 BTC) offer 6% daily for a lifetime. The third investment plan “Normal” (the minimum investment 2.51 BTC and the maximum investment 5 BTC) offer 8% daily for a lifetime and the fourth plan called “Top” (the minimum investment 5.1 BTC and the maximum investment 500 BTC) offer 10% daily for a lifetime. For all four plans, the initial deposit can be withdrawn anytime. The minimum withdrawal is 0.0005 BTC, but the maximum withdrawal is not set. The withdrawal requests are processed instantly.

I have a feeling that the cryptocurrency inspired program trend won’t stop for a while. However, I have to say, that it doesn’t really matter what kind of legend the admins use if they do a good job developing a program. In terms of the legend, the admins of BitcoinKings use a standard cryptocurrency inspired program approach – Bitcoin trading and mining. So, in short BitcoinKings offer an automated, easy to use investment platform that is run by a team of professional traders, that deals with your investments. BitcoinKings call themselves the leading bitcoin trading company in the country. I assume they meant the United Kingdom since the headquarters is located in London. However, the storyline isn’t perfect, because I didn’t manage to check the company details and the certificate of incorporation both using the link on the homepage as well as checking the Company House website. Nevertheless, whether or not the legend is true, the following approach that all cryptocurrency inspired programs offer – choose a plan, make a deposit, and wait for income - is a standard workflow of any HYIP. Therefore, the legend is just a marketing tool to attract potential investors.

As I mentioned, the legend itself isn’t that important for me, the thing that I notice foremost (except investment plans of course) is the job that admins have done in term of website and content. In the case of BitcoinKings, the first impression of both the website and content is good. I do like the layout and the color scheme the admins have chosen. Yes, they have chosen to integrate Google Translate automatic translations. At the same time, many admins choose to have only one language. Moreover, the website and as well as the user panel are easy to browse and use – make deposit, withdrawal fund and follow the earning history. You know what else shows that the admins have done a decent job? The banners. If you check the user dashboard you can find a huge variety of them. And I believe it shows that they are ready to promote their project. What's your fists impression about BitcoinKings? Share your thoughts in the chat box below!

In terms of the content, the admins have reached a balance between too less and too much information. Why this balance is important - it doesn’t create the feeling of a quick or an overdone job. The homepage and about us page provide the basic insight into the project and the FAQ page provides all the info an investor might need regarding deposit, withdrawal, account and affiliate system. The same applies to the marketing slogans. Is there a better selling point than “deposit back anytime, instant withdrawals and 24/7 support”? I don’t think so, because these are the qualities that address the potential investors.

What does the Internet say about our latest rival? As always let’s take a look at the Alexa rank. Currently, the main BitcoinKings audience comes from Russia, Iran, Venezuela, India, and Ukraine. Of course, Alexa rank must be perceived only as a hint. What do the people share on the Internet? For now, the main discussion is focusing around the investment offer – the lifetime plans, deposit withdrawal fee that some have been charged and deposit bonus that some haven’t received. In addition, people are making fun of how popular the program is considering the age of it – in the first days, the website showed a quite impressive statistic. Do you have any experience with BitcoinKings? Share your thoughts in the chat box below or on chat.

So, let's take a look at the investment opportunities. Since an investment calculator is not available on the website or on the user dashboard, my calculations will be handy for everyone who considers investing in this program. As always, I will do the calculations for the most affordable investment plan – in this case, the plan “Trial” 4% daily forever (min. deposit 0.003 BTC – max. deposit 1BTC). An investment of 0.031 BTC (approx. $200) would generate a daily return of 0.00124 BTC. With 4% daily, the break-even point is reached after 25 days in case the program will last for so long. As usual, the program offers a referral program. To participate in the affiliate program users doesn’t have to make an investment.

Today we are looking at a comparably new program that has started its journey to the potential investors last week offering Bitcoin only lifetime investment offers. The program is a well-developed standard cryptocurrency mining program that currently looks fine. Is it really going to be a lifetime together with BitcoinKings? Or investors have to guess the potential lifetime of the program to get the most out of it? As always it is impossible to tell what’s going to happen with the program tomorrow, next week or after a month. Therefore, if you ever decide to make any investments, don’t invest more than you can afford to lose! ""
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