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The ink had barely begun to dry on the pink slip the Green
Bay Packers had handed Mike McCarthy when the question had already started being asked.“What qualities does Aaron Rodgers want in the new head coach?”If Packers president Mark Murphy and general manager Brian Gutekunst are asking themselves that same question as they begin their search for the team’s 14th head coach Marquez Valdes-Scantling Jersey , they’re approaching this whole process the wrong way.The confidence of Packers fans was dwindling before the firing of Mike McCarthy, according to our FanPulse results. Click here to sign up, Packers fans. Yes, how the next head coach fits with Rodgers is an important factor but it’s not about what the two-time NFL MVP wants. It has to be about what the quarterback needs that should be driving Murphy and Gutekunst’s quest.The saying is that “players play and coaches coach.” While that isn’t always the case and may not be what the situation in Green Bay calls for considering the window of Rodgers’ prime is closing with the passing of each season, the Packers need to be wary of giving their franchise signal caller too much pull in the coaching department. How many of us get to pick our own boss? Very few, if any. If Rodgers is given considerable input into the hiring process, he very well could settle on someone who he really likes. That said, sometimes the person who we like the most isn’t the one who’s the best for us. It’s like having that teacher you couldn’t stand initially but then at the end of the year you realize how good they were for you. That’s what Rodgers needs right now more than anything.Rodgers doesn’t need a friend in his next head coach. He needs, well, a coach.Rodgers is on the record saying he "desperately wants to be coached" and now we will see if the quarterback really meant that.He very well could want someone who continued to call plays the way McCarthy did but just with different play designs, which was just one flaw that led to the coach’s dismissal. Would this type of coach help fix Rodgers’ suddenly flawed footwork or teach him not to hold the ball so long? It’s doubtful.Instead what Rodgers needs is someone who will take the quarterback back to basics. He doesn’t need his fundamentals fully rebuilt, he just needs to refocus them. Rodgers says he wants to be coached hard? A coach forcing a two-time MVP to work in footwork drills will be some tough coaching indeed. Rodgers may also want someone who will continue to allow him to improvise at will Jimmy Graham Color Rush Jersey , which is part of the magic that has defined his career up until this point. Before 2018 (or maybe even as far back as 2015), when plays would breakdown there was no more gifted magician than Rodgers who could somehow pull a rabbit out of a hat that was on fire and had a hole in it.What he really needs in this case however is a coach who will actually put him on a metaphorical leash. Rodgers must be forced to operate within the structure of the offense, something McCarthy was either unwilling or unable to do. Rodgers can still improvise but only when needed. The new coach must rewire the quarterback’s brain to take the easy throw rather than consistently look for the big play.Perhaps what Rodgers needs more than anything is some tough love. Even in the lost season of 2018, he was still making throws that are utterly insane which is why so many think his struggles this season are mostly mental. Throw in some Cutler-like body language and something clearly is/was eating at Rodgers’ psyche.Maybe getting rid of McCarthy and bringing in a new head coach will be enough to fix that. We won’t know the answer to that until September. There was enough tension between Rodgers and McCarthy that the relationship deteriorated into a battle of egos according to Sports Illustrated so the next coach will have to find a way to be a partner to Rodgers while still maintaining a proper chain of command.If the Packers play their cards right, this next coach will be final head coach Rodgers plays under in his career. That individual will have the job of extracting every ounce of talent Rodgers has left while also preparing the quarterback and team for his inevitable physical decline and eventual retirement.So which candidates would be up for this kind of task? Josh McDaniels should come to the forefront. He's managed an aging Tom Brady for years and if Rodgers wants to follow in the Patriots star's footsteps and play into his forties, McDaniels could be the guy. He's also handled an occasionally over emotional Brady with aplomb.Could a college coach command similar treatment? It's a tougher sell but playing in an offense like Lincoln Riley's or even Kliff Kingsbury's could be enough to snap Rodgers back into shape fundamental-wise. Regardless of the person ultimatelyhired, could history be repeating itself and the next Packers head coach will again be responsible for transitioning the team from a generational quarterback to a young heir apparent?It’s possible but Rodgers is going to have accept and get through to his occasionally stubborn mind that he’s going to have to step out of his comfort zone a bit and listen to some things he may not want to hear but are what he needs to hear.The sooner the Packers get Rodgers back on track the sooner they can return to the league’s elite.If that happens, then this likely will be the last January without Packers playoff football for at least the next several years. GREEN BAY, Wis. (AP) — Time for Joe Philbin to assume an important new responsibility with the Green Bay Packers, and it’s not just the duties that come with taking over as interim head coach.It’s been a while since Philbin has called plays.“Trying to think. Might have been about 20 years, maybe,” Philbin said.Now he takes over the job on Sunday against the Atlanta Falcons following the Packers’ firing of Mike McCarthy , who also called the plays.The previous time Philbin had that task?“I think it was at Northeastern if I’m not mistaken,” said Philbin, who was offensive coordinator of the Northeastern Huskies in 1995-96.He does have a wealth of experience. A 16-year NFL coaching veteran, Philbin’s college coaching resume goes back to Tulane in 1984. He’s in his second stint as offensive coordinator in Green Bay, having held the job when the Packers won the Super Bowl in the 2010 season, and when the offense set franchise records the next season.Philbin was head coach of the Miami Dolphins from 2012-15. He spent two seasons on the Colts’ staff before returning to Green Bay this year. He has been heavily involved in planning, installation and putting together play scripts. He met regularly with McCarthy and Aaron Rodgers.This week, though, will be a little different.“Sometimes, because I wasn’t calling the plays, I could kind of peek ahead a little bit so we could move forward a little bit,” Philbin said. “I think that will be the biggest difference. I’m not going to be looking at our next opponent until the game is over.”“And then obviously just sequencing the calls the right way and hopefully they work when we call ’em DeShone Kizer Jersey ,” he added.McCarthy was fired after a 20-17 loss on Sunday at home to the lowly Arizona Cardinals. His specialty was offense, but the once-prolific production had slacked off. Empty third downs and a lack of potent plays have been season-long issues. Rodgers’ completion percentage is his lowest in three seasons, though he has still thrown just one interception this year. Drops by receivers especially plagued the Packers on Sunday.“I just think you really need to be better in situational offense if you want to win games, so we’re going to pay a little more attention, even more attention, to that the next couple weeks,” Rodgers said, “because we’ve got to fix that if we want to win games.”The change does present a unique wrinkle to how Falcons coach Dan Quinn prepares his defense. He can get his team ready for the unique skillsets of Rodgers and top receiver Davante Adams. But he can’t study Philbin’s tendencies when it comes to calling plays.“The analogy I told the team today,” Quinn said, “if we all had the same playbook, we wouldn’t all call plays in the same way or the same style even though it’s all part of it.”It helps to have a quarterback of Rodgers’ caliber to have input on concepts and schemes, Quinn said. But there isn’t a lot of background into figuring out Philbin’s tendencies in clutch situations Tramon Williams Color Rush Jersey , such as on third down. Quinn calls those “Got to have it moments.”“Those, hey, you better be ready to call your best stuff because those aren’t scripted. Those are off the cuff,” he said.An intangible is the familiarity between Rodgers and Philbin, who was on staff for the quarterback’s rookie season in 2005. They’ve worked together during highly productive seasons. They apparently share a similar sense of humor.“A lot of dry humor. Joe is, every time he talks he reminds us about how simple this game is,” Rodgers said. “It comes down to the little things and he’s always reminding us and harping on those things.”NOTES: RG Byron Bell (knee) and RT Bryan Bulaga (knee/illness), who both left in the second quarter against Arizona, missed practice. … CB Bashaud Breeland (groin) and S Kentrell Brice (ankle/concussion) were limited. … Little-used RB Tra Carson (rib) and starting CB Kevin King (hamstring) were placed on injured reserve. King’s rookie season last year ended on the injury list because of a shoulder issue. … The team claimed DL Fadol Brown from the Raiders and rookie CB Natrell Jamerson from the Texans. Originally a fifth-round draft pick by New Orleans, Jamerson played in college at Wisconsin.

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