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Classification of bonuses in slot machines in Burundi
Classification of bonuses in slot machines.
Depending on how modern the slot machine program is, it may offer different options for bonus games. We can talk about such simple bonus games as selecting a symbol and then earning credits, or we can give an example of the latest video slot Aliens with a three-stage bonus. Moreover, each subsequent step is started only if the previous one is passed.
Bonus features in slot machines.
From three to five special objects corresponding to the theme of the main game of the video slot appear on the bonus screen. The player selects one of them, after which the number of credits he won appears on the screen. This bonus on the slot machine does not cause a lot of interest and, as a rule, is presented in outdated slots and emulators.
Free spins with a multiplier by selecting symbols.
A set of symbols appears on the screen, selecting which the player gains free games and a multiplier applied to all winnings during these spins. It is important to select as many "good" symbols as possible that add games and a multiplier before you select the " bad " symbol that ends the bonus game. A good example of such games can be Crazy Fruits.
The choice of the same symbols.
The bonus screen of the slot machine displays closed symbols. As they open, the player chooses several identical ones. If three identical symbols match, you get the amount of credits corresponding to the selected symbols.
Classic free games with a fixed multiplier.
If you catch the required number of scatter symbols, you get free games. Games are played on a fixed multiplier. The multiplier can vary from 2x to 10x. Sometimes additional wild symbols are included in the bonus spins.  An example of such games is the game Jack Hammer.
Free games with a "floating" multiplier.
The player receives a certain number of free games at the same rate as the round that started them. Games are activated by the required number of scatter symbols. Unlike the previous group, the multiplier for each game is set separately. It is randomly selected and can range from 1x to 10x. an Example of a slot machine with this bonus is the game Mythic Maiden.
Select symbols from the list with possible bonus symbols.
The player selects bonus symbols from the list. A certain number of credits are hidden under each symbol. You can also choose bonus symbols. They can contain protection against a single loss (choosing a " bad " symbol), a multiplier for the entire win, or an additional win for all subsequently selected symbols. An example of such a bonus game is the Crime Scene emulator.
I would also like to draw your attention to the following. What are you playing for? Ask yourself this question. If for an attempt to make money - this is one thing and if for pleasure - it is completely different. In the second case, no special strategy for winning in slots is required. If a player understands what pays for entertainment, this is a normal situation. It’s like buying a ticket to a zoo or some kind of attraction. But more often than not a player wants to not only have fun, but also to increase his capital.
Most slots are highly dispersed. And this is good. To win a lot you need to take risks. But you need to do this wisely. On the other hand, no one objects to the game on machines with low dispersion. In them you can win a couple of hundred bets and this is also absolutely normal. Only in this case there is no need to build castles in the air.
In modern slots, there is no binding to the maxbet, that is, when playing at any bet, the machine behaves identically. It is important to play along all lines. This is the only way to guarantee the inclusion of all scatters and bonuses. There are exceptions, but we do not recommend looking for them in practice. Yes, this does not interfere at all. You can always reduce the number of coins per line and not the number of lines.
You must have a big bankroll for playing slots. Several thousand bets are desirable.
You have to collect a small pool of slots - about 10-12 more unprofitable.
They need to be thoroughly studied to understand how they work, what is their return and dispersion. What are their strengths and weaknesses. Then you should understand how much is needed for each game session based on the active bet and the time of the game. Ideally, the player should not risk more than 5% of the bankroll in one session.
Most slot machines have at least one  bonus slots  can be completely different in style and format: for example, there are bonuses in which the player himself practically does not take part; there are those where the player participates but the result is still entirely and completely depends on the case. Finally, there are also bonuses in which the player not only takes a direct part, but can also influence the outcome of the game, something like a computer arcade. However, due to the specifics of the slots, bonus games, one way or another, do not last long, the player must return to the normal game mode as soon as possible and continue to bet. Although there are very few 5 reel slots without any bonuses, they are still there because developers of games for online casinos have to take into account the tastes and interests of all players, including those who do not really like bonuses. After all, there are 3 reel slots without any bonuses, but they can give a big win due to something else. However, in 5 reel slots, as a rule, there are still bonuses, regardless of the developer. However, it depends on the creator of the slots how exactly the bonuses are made; often the same style and format of the bonus roams from one slot to the same developer who only slightly rebuilds the structure of the bonus in accordance with the theme of this particular slot.

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