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What trading platform does the Forex broker use
A trading platform is an investor entering the market. Thus, Forex traders must make sure that the trading platform and any trading software are easy to use and visually attractive. They should also include a number of tools for technical and fundamental analysis and also allow entry and exit of transactions without additional effort.
This moment is extremely important when choosing a Forex broker worthy of your attention: a well-designed Forex trading platform will have visually understandable buy and sell buttons, and some even have an emergency button to close all open positions. A poorly designed user interface can lead to costly mistakes when entering orders, such as accidentally adding to a position instead of closing it or opening a short position instead of a long one.
These inconsistencies and errors can make the trading process unprofitable and emotionally draining for you. Be sure to choose a reliable trading platform which is the most popular trading platform among the best forex brokers. Other considerations to consider include: the ability to configure types of order entry options for automated trading; testing based on historical data; the ability to create trading strategies as well as trading alerts.
Most brokers offer free demo accounts so that Forex traders can experience the trading platform without any risk before moving on to trading on the real market.
When traders register with a certain broker, naturally they expect their personal data to be protected. When someone from your friends contacts you, for example, using your personal phone number, the person who provided him with this information has violated your privacy.
European trading sessions are very volatile and this stimulates a huge trading volume. Financial dealers around the world prefer Europe as their destination because of the benefits of the European economy.
To trade, all forex brokers must be authorized and approved by the Financial Conduct Authority. The regulator is an autonomous regulatory body that controls all non-banking financial transactions.
Forex brokers can trade in the European and British markets only with a valid FCA license. Potential investors and traders can use the FCA code to ensure the authenticity of the broker. The Financial Conduct Authority also has authority over EU intermediaries. Each licensed and registered broker must submit a regular audit and provide information about all financial transactions.
A variety of web terminals and specialized software makes a novice trader think about choosing the  trading platform  for permanent use. How to do it? First you need to highlight the main criteria that high-quality software for earning in the financial markets must meet. These include:
- the terminal should operate without technical failures, including with an increase in liquidity. Similar flaws are observed mainly on web platforms. For supporters of long-term trading, such shortcomings are not significant, but for scalpers, delays in processing trade orders can lead to loss of profit. To avoid such problems, it is recommended that you install the trading software on your home computer; however, this is far from always effective.
- Functionality. A good trading platform should have enough tools for technical and computer analysis. When transferring indicators to the chart, developers should provide for the possibility of adjusting the input parameters. It is equally important to use several time periods of the chart for making a trading decision. The program should provide for the possibility of simultaneous work with several financial instruments, as well as with automated trading systems. A trader should not have difficulty placing urgent safety or pending orders. An additional advantage of the terminal will be the presence of a window for monitoring trading volumes, a glass of prices and important macroeconomic events that can provoke a violent market reaction.
- Trading should be comfortable for the trader, so in a good terminal you can change the color of the background indicators or the chart itself. In addition, the first impression of the platform is based on a visual assessment.
- No compatibility issues. If necessary, the trader should be able to install the platform on a mobile device. For this, developers must take care of the correct operation of the program on any operating system.
Popular terminals for trading in the OTC market meet almost all of the requirements mentioned above. When choosing a specific platform, the trader should be guided not only by the opinion of more experienced colleagues, but also by their own impressions.
Trading in the foreign exchange market is an active financial activity associated not only with the exchange of data via the Internet, but also with the analysis of this information and often its huge volumes. Therefore, on the computer through which the trade will be conducted, it is necessary to install a special program - like those used by accountants, economists, bank employees, but only for working in the foreign exchange market.

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