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BitSea - Blue Heaven or Blue Sea

[Image: 728x90.gif]


- SSL Certificate

Evaluation: 3/5


- Very Nice design template
- Gold Coders Licensed Script

Evaluation: 4/5

Investment Plans

- From 3.12% to 5.04% per day (hourly accruals). Principal back anytime (termination fee - 8%).

This piggy ( principal back anytime ) only BTC offers a good set of investment plans, starting with 0.001 BTC for a 3.12% daily return. For higher investment ammounts the daily % can go up to 5.04%.

It´s important to remember that this plans have hourly accruals, so my advise is to withdraw as many times as possible per day.

With 20 days of lifetime, this project has been very well managed, if we consider that the capital can be returned at anytime even with a 8% fee.

The 1st plan is the most playable one, taking into account the minimum investment required. In this plan, the "break even point" can be achieved after 33 days, if you do not plan to get the principal back before.

Evaluation: 4/5


- Company Registered
- Unique design

Evaluation: 4/5

Social Networks

- The mention to social networks are well present in the template website and seems this project is very popular specially in Facebook.

Evaluation: 4/5

In conclusion, I give to this program a Evaluation of 4 out of 5.

Remember, invest all you can afford to lose!
Investors Care Admin

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