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- SSL Certificate

Evaluation: 3/5


- Good design template
- Customized Members Area
- Unique Script

Evaluation: 5/5

Investment Plans

A unique investment offer is present:

6% to 8% Daily Variable Interest forever with a minimum deposit of 0.01 BTC around $10 at current rate

It´s a high daily rate offered even for the lowest one of 6% daily. The investment can be recover (BEP) in 16 days, which is a short time.

Personally, I think this attract the "fast" investors, who like to recover their capital quickly, in fact it´s not my favorite kind of maturity plans, since I prefer medium/long term plans, but from my experience, many investors like more short term programs, where they can recover the capital faster.

At the time of this review with 21 days of program lifetime, the Break Even Point already have been achieved for many investors that invested since day 1 and they are already in profit. Reinvestments can be made for those in this conditions since does not exist a specific end for investment. In conclusion this program has been a good surprise so far!

Since it´s a BTC only program, this can be a good choice of investment due to Bitcoin high value.

Remeber that is always up to you to decide!

Evaluation: 4/5


- Unique design
- Company Registered

Evaluation: 3/5

Social Networks

- The mention to social networks like Facebook or Twitter are sufficiently present. However a mention to video reviews is available but till now is empty, what I consider a negative point and could be better used.

Evaluation: 3/5

In conclusion, I give to this program a Evaluation of 3.6 out of 5.

Remember, invest all you can afford to lose!

You can join here:

[Image: 728x90_en.gif]
Investors Care Admin

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